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The Best Wand Massager

Wand massagers, sometimes affectionately referred to by its rabid fanbase as pleasure sticks are the go-to choice for many women for self-pleasure.

The reason? It’s simple. They are very effective.

Built for “one-hand operation”, wand massagers are convenient, easy to holdand have huge surface areas. But, if it’s your first time shopping for a wand massager, getting the best wand massager isn’t easy.

At least, not without the right help.

After all, your first question would be, “where do I start?”

Lucky for you, we are here to help you out.

From the stashable wand massagers to the full-sized wands, we’ve narrowed down the best wand massager for every preference.

1. Magic Wand Rechargeable Personal Massager

Was this ever really any surprise? The Magic Wand is the wand that started it all.

This wand massager is arguably the best wand massager ever made.

The sales prove it, as it’s topped the sales charts for more than 3 decades now.

Of course, since being released, there’ve been quite a few improvements.

For one, it’s now made out of a combination of vinyl and hard plastic to keep it lightweight at about three pounds despite being a foot or so long.

The latest version, in particular, is a significant improvement because it’s rechargeable and cordless without giving up vibration setting and pattern options.

TLDR; buy this and be happy.


  • Cordless
  • Powerful
  • Multiple vibration strength and patterns available
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey

2. O-Wand Body Massager

The manufacturers advertise the O-Wand is the “most powerful, safe, and stylish personal massager” available today, and we’re inclined to agree.

But, before anything else, we’d like to tell you that this toy is heavy and huge.

The sheer size and weight of the O-Wand will surprise you when you first see it. However, that therein lies the magic of this wand massager.

It’s fairly powerful and with as many as 7 pattern settings with 4 different power settings to choose from, you’re free to mix and match and find your sweet spot.

As a bonus, the high-grade silicone and waterproof body come with a full CE certification and a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Useful free attachment
  • Plenty of power and pattern settings to choose from
  • Sleek black and gold aesthetics


  • Expensive

3. Shibari Mini Halo

Don’t knock on Amazon’s in-house brand until you’ve tried it yet. Their toys are some of the most affordable and cost-effective.

But, perhaps none are better than the very attractively-priced Shibari Mini Halo, which is an acute warrior that belies just how powerful and pleasurable the experience of using it is thanks to its 20 vibration settings.


  • Affordable
  • 20 vibration settings
  • Powerful


  • Kind of big for a “mini”

4.  Lelo Smart Wand

Most wand massagers you keep inside your drawers. This one, well, let’s just say that you won’t be afraid to keep it on your nightstand.

The Lelo Smart Wand is a chic-looking wand massager that could easily double as a decorative or statement piece. But, of course, its function is why you are buying it, and it more than delivers in that department.

What makes the Lelo Smart Wand unique is how it doesn’t just work in one particular setting. Instead, it builds up its intensity from slow to fast and hard to give you some of the best Os that you’ve ever had. Of course, it’s waterproof, so you can bring it anywhere with you, especially in the bathtub.


  • Gradually builds vibration on contact
  • Compact
  • Near-silent vibrations
  • Fully waterproof
  • 10-year quality guarantee


  • Changing vibrations isn’t for everybody

5.  Le Wand

For something used for fooling around, the Le Wand definitely doesn’t look it’s one to be messed with.

This wand massager is available in a more chic-looking rose gold or a more serious look in gunmetal.

Either way, you’re still getting a premium product made out of high-grade silicone that’s completely free of any toxins, including phthalates and latex.

With 10 speed and vibration strengths to choose from, as well as 20 patterns, you can customize the Le Wand however you like.

Meanwhile, for pleasure, the soft and flexible head can rotate up to 360 degrees so you can make sure that the vibrations are able to reach everywhere you’d like without overstimulating other parts of your body.

Featuring a 3-hour battery life and a smart indicator that lets you know that it’s time to plug it in for a recharge, the only thing missing from a Le Wand is a silencer.


  • 10 vibration speeds with 20 vibration patterns
  • 3-hour battery life
  • Body-safe and toxin-free soft silicone body


  • Can get fairly loud at faster speeds and patterns

6.  Femme Funn Diamond Wand

For a more unique self-pleasure experience, try out the Femme Funn Diamond Wand.

The ribbed texture provides a more realistic experience compared to other wands, especially since it’s made out of a soft silicone material that feels silky smooth as if it was the real thing when gliding against your skin. However, the texture is just the start.

What really sets this wand massager apart is its pointed dome tip.

Because of its diamond ship, you can angle it better to find the right spot for proper stimulation. Plus, with 21 powerful vibration modes to choose from, you’re sure to find the pleasure and sensation that you’re looking for after just a couple of tries.

Then, once you’ve found it, the memory function will remember your last setting so all you have to do is to literally plug it in and enjoy away.


  • Memory function
  • Angled tip
  • Lightweight
  • Silky smooth silicone surface


  • Multiple reports of the product not lasting long


Finding the best wand massager should be easier now, thanks to our list of recommendations.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a best wand massager for everybody. Because we all have our own preferences, it’s only natural that you experiment with a couple of wand massagers first until you find the right one.

Of course, with wand massagers, it’s also always best to have a couple on hand.

This way, you can introduce a bit of variety into your self-play. Even better, it helps spice things up in the bedroom with your partner too.