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Top 7 Pink Keyboard of 2024

Are you looking for the best pink gaming keyboard in the market? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years, the demand for bright-color mechanical keyboards has increased. We are not talking about the normal black, white or blue gaming keyboards. We are more interested in a unique color that makes your gaming setup stand out by improving its aesthetics–Pink.

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Razer PinkRazer Green switch technology provides a satisfying clicky sound
16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys

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BasaltechExceptionally silent keyboard can reduce 90% clicking noise
7 colors LED adjustable lighting 

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RedragonCompact 61 keys with selected keycaps
Most quiet mechanical switch

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UBOTIE RetroDesigned with multicolor to help you be distinctive in the office
Can use for Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10 and Mac

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MageGee Mechanical104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Supports 24 backlit modes,modes with high playability

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A pink gaming keyboard might sound girlish, but surprisingly enough, this cute peripheral is quite common in most gaming setups. According to us, a pink computer keyboard is definitely one of the cutest color choices for a gaming area. And the best part? You don’t necessarily need to be a lady to love and use it.

With that said, if you’re thinking of upgrading your gaming setup, you will love the best pink keyboards mentioned in the review below.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting a Gaming keyboard

Before you can buy the best pink gaming keyboards of 2024, there are a few points you need to keep in mind. They include:

Switch Type

A switch is a tech below each keyboard key that allows each keystroke to register on the PC. The technology determines the durability, feedback, and responsiveness of each key on a gaming keyboard. There are two types of switches; Membrane and Mechanical.

A pink membrane keyboard features a rubber layer that acts as a spring and electrical contact. The membrane prevents noise when typing office work or playing games. A membrane keyboard is versatile, feels spongy, and is considered cheaper. The only downside is you need to press the keys all the way down for it to register. This might prove challenging for gamers, especially those who love playing reactive-based games.

In mechanical keyboards, each key has its own spring-like switch underneath. The mechanical switches deliver a tactile key press feeling, loved by most players. The switch also offers more responsiveness, tactile feedback, and sensitivity. Also, if it breaks down, it’s easy to replace. Therefore, a mechanical keyboard is more durable. However, these keyboards are heavy and a bit louder compared to membrane keyboards. Another thing, they cost more.


How does your pink keyboard connect to your gaming PC? Connection is an important factor to consider when buying a gaming keyboard because it determines how fast your inputs will register to the PC. While shopping, you will notice there are two types of keyboard connections: Wired and Wireless.

Wired keyboards depend on a wire to connect to the computer. A stock or customizable keyboard can use a USB or PS/2. The latter is outdated and you might need an adapter. Most players prefer a wired device since they’re cheaper compared to their wireless counterparts. 

A pink wireless keyboard, on the other hand, uses Bluetooth or RF to connect to the gaming PC. Once it is paired to the laptop, a gamer can enjoy the flexibility of a wire-free setup. The only downside is it requires quality batteries to store power and can sometimes have unreliable connections.

RGB Lighting

Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) backlighting allows your pink keyboard to have multiple lights that illuminate your gaming area. If you play in a dark environment, consider finding a cute pink light with a white backlight. But if you desire a more immersive gaming experience, find a keyboard with RGB backlighting. Most pink keyboards with RGB backlighting come with software to offer more control over the light settings. 


What do you need a pink keyboard for? Do you wish to use it for office work (e.g., typing or searching for things on a browser) or professional gaming? It’s important to select a keyboard that will help you meet your needs.

Consider Gaming Keyboard Extras

Some pink mechanical keyboards come with extra features, making your gaming experience more enjoyable and life easier. Some best keyboard extras include programmable keys, wrist support, headsets, mouse, customizing software, and other accessories.

Best Pink Gaming Keyboards

1. Razer Pink Keyboard

RazerTM is perhaps one of the most renowned lifestyle brands for gamers in the world. The company’s three-headed snake trademark is recognized by the global gaming community. The brand stands out because it designs the best hardware, software, and services for gamers. 

Razer’s high-performance gaming peripherals deliver the best performance and gaming experience, and the Razer BlackWidow V3 Quartz Edition pink keyboard is no different.

The full-size keyboard offers more customization options than some of its counterparts. It’s a solidly built cute pink keyboard featuring clicky green or linear yellow mechanical switches.

The green stock switches boast 50 g working power, while the yellow stock switches come with a 45g actuation force. This makes both options great for both typing and gaming. However, you might notice some pinging issues.

The keyboard sets itself apart from other pink keyboards because it’s compatible with voice control software, like Alexa. Using voice commands, you can carry out a set of functions or even shut down your PC.

It also comes with RGB backlighting allowing it to produce 16.8 million colors to illuminate your space. Users can also customize various aspects of the keyboard like disabling the Windows Key, putting the keyboard to sleep, or changing other settings, thanks to Razer Synapse and Chroma Studio add-on.

Razer designed the BlackWidow V3 Quartz Edition with a focus to offer players enhance comfort and extra playtime. That explains why it comes with wrist support attached and other amazing features.


  • Comfortable Typing
  • Razer green or yellow switch technology
  • Perfect for typing and gaming
  • Wrist support included
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows


  • Cannot install Chroma on Mac OS to adjust the backlighting
  • There’s a learning curve for the keyboard’s software
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2. Basaltech Pink Keyboard

The Basaltech Pink Keyboard uses a membrane switch type, which makes it versatile and very responsive. It offers a tactile feedback experience which comes in handy during gaming and typing.

It features a simple 104-key design, without any extra elements to provide an ease-of-use experience. What’s even better, the keyboard is exceptionally silent. You can use this stock keyboard for office work or at the café or library without the worry of making noise for other people. And thanks to the 19-keys anti-ghosting, you can use the keyboard to play popular games without the worry of program errors.

In terms of lighting, the membrane keyboard comes with 7 colors of adjustable LED lighting. Besides that, the keycaps are double-shot molded to provide clear backlighting. Another thing, users can easily customize the backlighting and select different lighting effect modes via keyboard shortcuts.

The Basaltech pink computer keyboard might look simple, but it delivers impressive performance. It also works with various operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows 10/8/7, Linux, and others. Visit Amazon for great deals on this keyboard.


  • A silent quiet design ideal for office or library use
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 7 color LED adjustable lighting
  • Works with both Mac OS X and Windows computers


  • Comes with no manual
  • Some customers complained that some keys got stuck after using it for some weeks
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3. Redragon pink keyboard

Another pink keyboard worth checking out is the Redragon K617 FIZZ. It is among the best Redragon Pink Keyboards in the market. Featuring RGB LED and up to 61 ultra-compact keys with a novel keycap, this mechanical keyboard delivers exceptional performance, especially when gaming.

You can choose from up to 20 backlighting modes, and adjust the brightness and flowing speed to meet your gaming preference. Aside from that, it comes with software for more customization options and settings. Click here to learn more about changing colors on Redragon keyboard.

The compact and minimalistic design of this keyboard makes it look good at any desk without taking up too much space. Users can also choose from two keycaps color options; gray and white or pink and white. RGB lights up the keycaps perfectly.

Weighing around 430g, the Redragon K617 is very portable. Place it in your bag and take it with you to work, school, or even the library. It comes with a sturdy design and you can connect it to your desktop via a USB-Type C connection. The connecting wire is long and flexible for increased durability. It’s also detachable, meaning you can customize it.

But perhaps the most interesting features of this Redragon pink keyboard are the Hot-swappable red switches. You can easily upgrade the switches with your own to give the keyboard a boast when typing or gaming.


  • Hot-swappable key switches
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Long, flexible, and detachable wire
  • Impressive appearance
  • Compact and minimalist design


  • Offers no Bluetooth support
  • Linear switches are the only available standard switch
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4. UBOTIE Retro Pink Keyboard

Whether you need a keyboard for your schoolwork or gaming, UBOITE pink keyboard got you covered. With a price tag ranging between $35 and $60, this retro-looking pink wireless keyboard is aesthetically pleasing and won’t break your bank account.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out how to use the keyboard. It comes with a manual that gives an easy-to-understand explanation for the shortcut keys and special keys. Like the Redragon pink keyboard, it works with both Windows and Mac OS systems. But it can also work with Android and iOS.

While it comes with no special settings, programs, or lights, it still works effectively. It features an 84 key design, which makes it more compact. As such, you can bring with you to the library or coffee bar with ease.

The only downside is that it may make loud sounds when typing like a typewriter. While some users might enjoy this sound, others might find it distracting.


  • Non-conflict 84 keys
  • Comes with automatic sleep and energy-saving modes
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and other
  • Stable Bluetooth connection technology
  • Replacement and refund


  • Some users might find the loud noise of the keys distracting
  • Lacks a numeric pad
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5. Varmilo VA87M Sakura Wired

The Varmilo VA87M is another great mechanical keyboard worth checking out. It comes with a tenkeyless design to make it compact and help save space on your desktop table. It’s also come with a design drawing from the elements of the Sakura tree, a symbol respected in Japanese culture.

The pink keyboard uses strong, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) keycaps that feel nice to touch. These keycaps come in different finishes and colors and sit on top of linear metal mechanical switches for more responsive gameplay.

However, it comes with high latency for a wired keyboard which might not sit well with competitive gamers. Also, lacks a wrist support. Nevertheless, it’s comfortable to use and you won’t experience any wrist pain.

When you flip this pink keyboard over, you will notice two-stage rubber pads. Also, it has a long, soft rubber-coated cable that connects to the PC via a USB-A port. It comes with no RGB lighting but has a pink LED backlighting and follows the standard QWERTY ANSI layout.


  • Very durable with a compact design
  • Detachable cable
  • Wide choice of switches and keycaps
  • Under each key, there’s a stabilizer


  • Price varies (depending on the online shop or sites)
  • Low contrast legends on some keys
  • No accompanying software

6. MageGee Pink Mechanical Keyboard

The next best pink gaming keyboard on our list is from MageGee. This brand is nowhere popular like ASUS, but it has done an excellent job designing a mechanical keyboard with 104+ functional keys.

This pink and white keyboard comes with an extra set of keycaps that allow hassle-free customization. It’s also packed with a backlighting feature with four brightness levels and 24 modes. As a result, you can create a rainbow scenery for your gaming setup. You can also turn off the backlight whenever you don’t need it.

These keyboards stand out in the market since its waterproof and watertight. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it will break when you spill tea or coffee on it. In addition, it features blue Cherry MX switches for more tactile feedback feeling delivered by mechanical keyboards. 

Bottom line, the MageGee pink mechanical keyboard delivers amazing functionality at an affordable price.


  • Compatible with all Windows versions as well as Mac OS
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Won’t break your bank account
  • N-Key rollover, anti-ghosting
  • RGB lighting
  • Waterproof and aesthetically pleasing
  • Solid construction


  • No support for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Louder than other gaming keyboards
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7. Asus Strix Flare PNK keyboard

The last product on our best pink keyboards review is the Asus Strix Flare Pnk keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is solidly built, durable, and delivers faster response times.

It’s an attention-grabbing keyboard thanks to its customizable logo badge. Made in Germany, the ASUS Strix is perfect for competitive professional gamers since every key is responsive. On top of that, it shares similar technologies with the MageGee pink mechanical keyboard like the Cherry MX switches, which makes it great for gaming and even typing. 

The keyboard’s keycaps are made from high-quality ABS plastic. As a result, they’re soft and very comfortable for playing your favorite game. On the top left of the cute pink and blue keyboard, you will notice a volume wheel. The wheel gives you control over the sound while playing popular games.

The Asus Strix Flare Pnk connects to the PC via a USB cable. Also, it works on any laptop or PC with Linux, Mac OS, and Linux OS. Additionally, users get a soft wrist rest for more comfortability while typing or gaming.

Besides, the keyboard comes packed with amazing features, including Aura Sync, dedicated video keys, programmable keys, etc.


  • Customizable logo
  • Include wrist support
  • Aura Lighting
  • Compatible with several operating systems
  • Dedicated media controls for gaming


  • No support for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Little noisy
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Final Verdict

If you wish to upgrade your gaming space with a pink peripheral, then we suggest you get the Asus Strix Flare Pnx. While it might be on the expensive side, its durability, solid construction, and functionality make it a worthy investment.

That said, the mentioned pink gaming keyboards in this review will bring a unique aura to your PC table and gaming setup. Visit different online shops to discover great deals on these devices. Also, don’t forget to keep the aforementioned factors in mind in your search.