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Umidigi S3 Pro Review and Buying Guide

The Umidigi S3 Pro is a smartphone with a 48MP camera that was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and is now available for consumers on third-party stores.

This photography-focused phone is ideal for people who want powerful cameras in their pockets at all times, from sightseers who never want to forget a vacation to bakers who want to take high-resolution pictures of their creations for their blogs.

There are many features that the Umidigi S3 Pro has to offer that could entice you to buy one.

Use this review and buying guide to decide if you should support this crowdfunded project by making Umidigi your new smartphone of choice.

Umidigi S3 Pro Review

We will go over the main features and design aspects of the Umidigi S3 Pro to help you decide if this is the phone for you.


  • Massive battery life
  • 48MP camera and 12MP telephoto lens
  • Sturdy curved aluminum frame
  • Fast data transfers and good overall connectivity
  • 6GB RAM


  • Touchscreen can be finicky
  • Stock Andriod launcher can be a great opportunity for customization for some, but others may want to trade up to a Microsoft launcher instead through the app store
  • Flash photography does not operate below 15% battery life

Overall Design

The Umidigi Pro is designed with an aluminum alloy frame and a curved ceramic body.

The manufacturer insists that it’s “aerospace-grade” alloy is durable, crack-resistant, and we can see that it’s stylish.

The display shows in full HD with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and it’s 6.3-inches long. The screen ratio is 92.7% of the total dimensions of the device and the screen reads out with clear, vibrant colors.

OS and Processing Power

The Android 9 Pie operates the Umidigi S3 Pro system and it’s Android’s smartest and fastest mobile OS to date. The Umidigi makes a point not to use any third-party user interfaces and maintains the default Android look.

The processor is the AI Master Helio P70 which is built to multitask apps and deliver a fast 2020 mobile gaming experience to Umidigi users.

A multi-core and multi-threaded APU gives you top efficiency, as does its advanced AI-driven processing system. An Octa-core CPU ensures that you’ll never be waiting for your pages to load or crashing apps when you try to run too many.

For a smartphone, the Umidigi S3 Pro has a huge amount of RAM at 6GB, which is just under what many commercial laptops have. It has 128GB of storage space as well so all your games and high-resolution photos can be stored without worrying about running out of room for movies and music as well.

If your goal is to play a long session of Fortnight or PUGB without any lagging, the Umidigi S3 Pro has your covered.

Dual Cameras

One of the main selling points of the Umidigi S3 Pro is the two cameras. The main camera is a 48MP Sony IMX586 lens with superior clarity and advanced algorithms that allow the lens to detect even the most subtle details in your surroundings. The Helio P70 AI sorts out the information to give you mind-blowing clarity on the rear-facing camera.

The other camera is a 12MP telephoto lens for distance shots. You can zoom in pretty far while keeping the picture clarity stable. A Dual LED flash helps you keep track of details in lower lighting situations.

The low-light camera function is one of the things that the Umidigi S3 Pro is quickly becoming known for. This is because the IMX sensor supports 4-in-1 light fusion with a large pixel size for consumer-grade phone cameras.

Night-time photography for camping trips, bird watchers, or romantic nights on the town is easy with the Umidigi S3 Pro. Its AI reduces photo noise to give you a vivid image even when you no longer have the sun to back you up.

In addition, the selfie camera is a 20MP Sony IMX376 lens with the same AI that gives you reduced noise and a vibrant photo every time. The Umidigi S3 Pro is known for its cameras so if you’re a blogger or on a family vacation or an unforgettable night on the town, this smartphone is like having a high-powered, high-resolution Sony camera in your pocket at all times.

Battery Life

The battery on the Umidigi S3 Pro is equally impressive. It has 18W of charging power, which gives you a hefty backup when you’re not plugged into the wall or the Type-C USB port. The 5150mAh battery is sturdy – most consumers would be perfectly satisfied with how long it lasts.

Network Connectivity

The Umidigi S3 Pro supports major LTE networks on a fast-working data transfer system that makes it ideal for people who travel for business. The S3 Pro has over its previous models its dual SIM slots with 4G VoLTE in both of them, functioning at the same time.

Whether you’re on a 2G or a 4G FDD-LTE network, the Umidigi S3 Pro will give you what you need to keep working.

This includes fast data upload and transmission, a reliable LTE connection, and less power consumption than your average consumer smartphone. Due to a multi-function NFC, the Umidigi S3 Pro also supports non-location specific Google Pay services and other virtual currency transactions. This is particularly useful for people who frequently travel for business and will ensure that whether you’re paying through Google or on-vehicle payments, you never need cash with the NFC’s cardless transaction system, secured by encryption and a dedicated processor.


If you’re thinking about buying the Umidigi S3 Pro, then the price will naturally be a major selling point or detractor. The phone launched at around $300 but discounts are available if you shop around.

Who Should Buy the Umidigi S3 Pro?

The Umidigi S3 Pro is an ideal alternative Android smartphone for a few kinds of people. The main ones are bloggers and business people, which have a surprising amount in common when it comes to comparing the features that matter to them in a smartphone.

In the first place, both bloggers and businesspeople potentially do a lot of traveling. The Umidigi S3 Pro’s ability to connect to any major network, make fast data transmissions, and stay in touch helps both kinds of users.

For people who need to make business calls or upload important files and bloggers that want to submit work, these features are a must.

Those trapped on trains and planes will also appreciate the lengthy battery life of the Umidigi S3 Pro. Its optimization for modern games with its 6GB of RAM can also make it handy to pass the time during a lengthy layover.

Its efficient connectivity to any network is supported by a multi-functional NFC, which allows you to make encrypted transactions wherever you are through Google Pay and other sites. This is convenient for anyone that travels a lot and wants to go cashless into the modern world – the Umidigi S3 Pro has you covered.

For bloggers more than businessmen, the high-quality dual cameras are another huge selling point. You should know by now the importance of high-quality photos in today’s blogosphere. With new internet laws cracking down on copyright and more blogs cropping up every day, it’s more important than ever to take high-quality pictures yourself to sell your profile and increase your traffic.

The 48MP rear-facing camera on the Umidigi S3 Pro is equipped not only with a Sony lens but with advanced AI to reduce picture noise and give you a vivid picture every time. If you’re looking for a convenient way to preserve a vacation or trying to up your blogging game, the Umidigi is a great choice.

With 128GB of storage memory, you can keep your important files or your photos for your blog without worrying about running out of space. For gamers, though, this is also convenient to get into modern mobile gaming, for which you need a good graphics processor and a hefty amount of RAM. The Umidigi S3 Pro has 6GB, making it ideal for long Fortnite sessions in the car, where lag is a thing of the past.

The Takeaway

The Umidigi S3 Pro is a high-quality photography-focused camera that was originally funded on Indiegogo and is now sold on various third-party markets.

It is known for its vivid cameras, large display, long battery life, easy connectivity, and powerful processor. It includes Sony technology to boost its profile and runs on a bare bones Android Launcher that some users may want to upgrade.

In general, those who travel a lot may want to invest in a high-powered camera that fits in their pocket. Especially if you can find the Umidigi S3 Pro at a discount, its many technical specs and sleek design make it a good all-around choice for those looking for unique alternatives to the major smartphone offerings out there, especially if you’ve got pictures to take.