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Who is Stella Guidry Nestle? Where is Stella Guidry Nestle Now?

Stella Guidry Nestle is a person who kidnaped a little baby from the hospital, did 2 murders, and was sent to jail for 30 years.

Have you heard about Stella Guidry Nestle in bits? Do you Want to hear the full story about Stella Guidry Nestle And want to know where she is now? Well, then you have clicked the right article as I am going to tell you each and everything about her.  Some people say that she was a killer, while some say she was a psychopath.

Some people also say she was mentally disturbed and harmed many people around her. There are many stories about her. There are also rumors that she kidnapped many children and killed her boyfriend as well. But to find out the whole story tag along with me. Let’s start from the very beginning so that it might be easier for you to understand Stella Guidry Nestle’s life history.

Who is Stella Guidry Nestle? Where is Stella Guidry Nestle Now?

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Do you know about Tyler Henry? If you don’t then let me introduce him to you first. He is the one who made a season named “life after death with Tyler Henry” which you can easily find on Netflix.  He is basically a clairvoyant. To the ones who don’t know about this term let me elaborate, please. A Clairvoyant is a person who gets to know future events beforehand.

When he talked about life after death he also discussed his family roots and some personal problems. Theresa Koelewyn, the mother of Tyler Henry came to know a huge reality about the person who was in the closest relation to them. I am talking about Stella Guidry Nestle here. Stella Guidry Nestle was known to be the grandmother of Tyler henry till 2018.

But in 2019 Theresa Koelewyn and Tyler Henry came to know the harsh reality that they have no relationship with Stella guard nestle. How shocking it would be for the whole family, right? But the mother of Tyler Henry was relieved by knowing this truth. I was also shocked to hear such a thing just like you, but then I searched and came to know why she was satisfied and happy with the truth.

We came to know that Stella Guidry Nestle just took Theresa Koelewyn from the hospital without taking permission from the authorities. She kidnapped the little Theresa Koelewyn and raised her and never let her know that she wasn’t her biological mother. Theresa and other children also reported that Stella Guidry Nestle used to abuse them.

Stella Guidry Nestle used to lock up her children in the closet for a long time. Other than this mental and physical abuse she used to torture her children in many other ways as well. This might be the reason that Theresa was relieved to know that Stella Guidry Nestle wasn’t her biological mother. Although she raised her and Theresa spent years with her, Theresa Koelewyn was satisfied with the heartbreaking truth.

This is not all. We have also heard that Stella Guidry Nestle killed her employer, Judy Wang. He was the owner of the Fowler motel. She also killed her boyfriend Wai lee. You must be thinking how could she and if she actually did it then where did she hide the bodies? Well, Stella’s Guidry Nestles did all this with the help of her 18 years old son Peter who dragged the bodies into the storeroom.

They did this before the police officers came. Peter gave the statement that his mother killed the employer because she thought she would, later on, run the motel and will give security to the family. I helped her because I cared about my family and I obeyed my mother. Later on, Stella was dealer a convicted murderer.

Where is Stella Guidry now?

After hearing the whole story everyone asks this question: where is Stella Guidry now? Well, all the information that we could gather for you is that Stella Guidry Nestle spent 30 years behind bars and now she is in or around California. She must be hitting her 90s now. There is nothing else we could collect about her.


Was Stella Guidry Nestle mentally ill?

We can’t say much about this but knowing her history we can say that she can go to any extent to achieve her target. Nobody knows why she attempted murders, according to her son Peter the murder was attempted to support her family.

Is Stella Gurdy Nestle alive now?

Here is no report about her death. It is assumed that after releasing from jail she will settle in or around California. If she is alive then her age would be 90 or more right now.

Thersa Koelewyn hated her mother Stella Guidry Nestle?

There is no statement from the side of Theresa Koelewyn that she hated her mother, she just said that she is relieved that Stella is not her biological mother.


All we know about Stella Guidry Nestle is that she is not the biological mother of Thersa Koelewyn and that she kidnaped her from the hospital. She killed her employer and her boyfriend and hid their bodies in the back store of the motel before police arrived. She took the help of her son Peter who was 18 years old then. She was sentenced to stay in jail for 30 years and now she is in California.