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Young Chop Net Worth 2024


If you are a fan of the raps of Chief Keef, there is no way you do not know Young Chop. With his magical touch, his individual genius is quite evident in the hit songs of Chief Keef, including Love Sosa, 3Hunna and I Don’t Like.

But how well do you know Young Chop? Do you wish to get a sneak-peek into his personal life, career and finally, his net worth? Then stay tuned and scroll down! A blissful compilation of the life of Young Chop is awaiting you. Bon Voyage!

About Young Chop

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Young Chop or Tyree Lamar Pittman is a skilled songwriter, a talented rapper and a successful record producer. He started gaining public attention after producing some hit raps of American rapper Chief Keef. Currently, Young Chop is part of Band Kamp, a team of record producers.

Pittman is also a member of 3hunna, a Chicago-based group of record producers who generally produce raps on weapons and drugs.

Early Life And Family

Tyree Lamar Pittman took birth on 14th November 1993 in Southern Chicago. Nothing much is known about his personal life and the whereabouts of his parents. However, sources suggest that he was passionate about music from an early age.

Pittman began producing beats at the tender age of eleven along with his cousin brother. He supported Young Chop in perfecting a record producer in him. Furthermore, he started producing the songs of Chief Keef whom he had met on Facebook. This marked the turning point of his life and his career as a renowned record producer.

Career And Major Milestones

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Significant milestones in the life of Young Chop include:

  • In 2012, Young Chop released Back From The Dead, the first-ever mixtape produced by him.
  • The next year, he established Chop Squad, an independent label.
  • In 2013, he released his first studio album Precious.
  • Similarly, he released many studio albums like Still in 2014, Fat Gang or No Gang in 2015, Finally Rich Too in the same year, King Chop in 2016, Coppotelli in the same year, King Chop 2 in 2018, Don’t Sleep in 2019, Comfortable in the same year, Young Godfather in 2024, and Intro x Young Godfather in 2024.
  • Very recently, he started soundkitwiz.com, an online store that deals with sound kits, studio accessories and allied products.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Young Chop.

  • In April 2024, a group of people gathered in front of the house of Young Chop started shouting at him. Following this, he took out his gun and fired at them. Furthermore, when he was travelling after firing, the Uber in which he was travelling was shot.
  • In 2016, Young Chop was arrested for a probation violation in Georgia.
  • In February 2024, he was charged for his cruelty to animals as he starved his pet pup to death.

Net Worth of Young Chop

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According to the latest updates, the net worth of Young Chop is estimated to be somewhere around $3,000,000. He gained a significant portion of his revenue from music production and rap concerts.