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Mike Lindell Net Worth – 2024 Guide

Mike Lindell is the owner and founder of Mypillow. inc. He is often referred to as the “Pillow Guy”.He has been an ardent supporter and an advisor to Donald Trump. He supported the overturning of the 2024 elections and even suggested a Covid Cure by using a toxic plant.

About Mike

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Mike was born and brought up in Minnesota and finished his schooling there. He began this university life in Minnesota itself but left it midway. Later on, he completed further education and received a doctorate from Liberty University. He has published a journal that traces his journey. He titled it “What Are The Odds? From Crack To CEO”

Early Life And Family

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He was married twice in his life. One marriage lasted for about 20 years and ended in divorce. Mike has children from this marriage, but the next one ended within a month. This time he was married to Ms. Yokum, with whom he had a prenuptial agreement. Mike was rumored to have an affair with an actress named Jane, but he denied all such claims. This news was printed by Daily Mail, and he later used the organization for false claims.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Mike initially started a small business but it did not work well. It involved wagons, Lunch trucks, bars, restaurants, carpet cleaning, and more. He was a cocaine addict and this led to loss and ruin. However, he slowly recovered his business and founded a pillow. inc. Initially, it did not work well because of low ratings and poor customer reviews. Later Mike claimed that the lower ratings were because of his presidential campaigns.

His milestone and turning point was his association with Donald Trump. He was his ardent fan and Trump too praised Mike as a businessman. He supported him during the Covid Press Meets and said to read the Bible and stay at home with the family.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Mike Lindell

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Did you know that this first wife divorced him? Yes, she was the one to file the divorce because of his reckless lifestyle. Moreover, he was badly addicted to drugs, and this created emotional and financial problems.

Mike was such a huge fan of President Donald Trump that he claimed he was “chosen by God”. It was a big claim from his side, and he faced many controversies for this emotional outburst.

Mike promoted a toxic plant Oleandrin, as a Covid Cure. He was a board member of a company that produced Oleandrin, and probably it was a promotional stunt. Scientists were alarmed because of such claims, and he faced heavy criticism. He made false claims of having tested the product for results. But in reality, it had no scientific validity.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth is around 100 million. He is the CEO of his organization and is also associated with many other business firms as their advisory member. Moreover, his fame owes to his political associations.