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Kenya Barris Net Worth 2024


Kenya Yee Barris, an amazing person who has been making the television industry a happy place. He is popularly known for the sitcom he has been working on called Black-ish which has been on air since 2014 and is still being filmed.

Other than working on his famous ABC sitcom, he is also a producer, a director, a writer and he also is into acting. He single-handedly manages all the work required to make a perfect TV series or a great film. There is a lot more to know about Kenya and his amazing life, about his family, and the most interesting part, his net worth.

About Kenya Barris

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Kenya has been making, directing, and writing amazing TV shows since 1997, he has also produced and co-produced many famous series like America’s Top Next Model which is widely viewed throughout the world and is like a dream to every model looking for opportunities. People love his work and that is why he has won several awards specially for his comedy series black-ish. He did not have a happy family background so he wanted to bring smiles inside people’s homes through any means possible, that is when he kick-started his career and struggled through life to be who he is today, a world-famous multi-talented personality.

Early Life And Family

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Barris took birth in California on the 9th of August, he was the second oldest among his 4 siblings. His was called Kenya as his father used to visit the country frequently and wanted to name him the same. His parents took a divorce when he was in his early childhood and later his mother left.

He got married in the year 1999 to Rainbow Edwards Barris and together they have half a dozen children brightening up their life and bringing giggles to his face while he makes us happy through his talents.

Talking about his education, he completed his studies at the Clark Atlanta University. Other information related to his family, children, siblings, or education is not available.

His Career And Major Milestones

His fantastic series black-ish has two more similar series called grown-ish and mixed-ish which are also a hit and people love to watch it. Another potential sitcom is old-ish which he might work on someday and it might air soon. He is also working on brown-ish currently with Eva Longoria.

In his writing career, he has written some popular shows as well, like the famous soul food and an amazing viewer rate. He also co-produced the film called Little in the year 2019.

His acting career began in 2024 when he acted in BlackAF a Netflix original series and that is when his popularity increased and people got to know about his talents.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Kenya Barris

He directed, produced, wrote, created, and also acted in BlackAF. Unbelievable isn’t it?
His series Black-ish was termed as the best comedy sitcom.

Net Worth

Through his career in the TV industry as a producer, director, actor, and writer he makes a considerable amount of money. His net worth is to be estimated at around 80 million dollars.