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Jordi Alba Girlfriend- Romarey Ventura

Barcelona and Spain left-back, Jordi Alba is one of the finest left-back in the world and has been a very dependable defender since he moved from Valencia back to Barcelona. The defender has however kept a low profile amongst his colleague but going out with a model means he will be in the news more often than he wished.

Jordi Alba’s girlfriend Romarey Ventura is a known model that has played a huge role in the life of the defender. A deep insight into the life of Ventura will show who Alba is really going out with and this will make us all know more about the model that has captured the heart of Alba.



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Con mi amor y mis cuñis ! Os quiero❤️ @romarey_ventura @sandravb7 @dieguii10

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He has been in a long-term relationship with Romarey Ventura and many expect them to get married one day soon. Their relationship has been through thick and thin and the relationship has withstood everything to be where they are right now.

This goes a long way to show who Ventura is and what she is willing to do to keep her relationship with Alba. The defender has also been careful not to blow up the relationship and have maintained similar energy to keep the relationship going.

Their relationship started in 2015 which means they have been together for five great years despite not planning on getting married soon. The fact that they are not in a rush doesn’t signify a lack of love or desire to spend the rest of their lives together but just a decision not to make it official yet.

It is not known if it’s Alba that is holding back or Ventura deciding not to be ready to be officially in a marriage or both of them. Deeper research into the life of Romarey Ventura shows she was born on May 10, 1991, in Spain.

The 29-year-old is two years younger than Alba and they have enjoyed their life together with the age never coming up as a fuss. Ventura has a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from the University of Spain. This clearly shows someone who has been properly trained in academic settings before becoming a model as a profession. This helps distinguishes their work from each other.

The level of exposure and clients she will be getting will be different from what she could be getting if she had not gotten a degree certificate. She has also taken her modeling a notch further by becoming a social media influencer. These are people that help shape opinions on the internet.

With her close to 500,000 followership, this is a good metric to be able to shape people’s opinion. One of the brands she promotes is Valeria Savannah’s clothing and she also posts pictures of other brands she is an ambassador to.

Ventura captures her modeling job well by showcasing herself in several bikini outfits especially on the beach. It is also a sign that she pays close attention to her skin. One of the things she does is a daily workout to keep her body in shape to make her perfect for any role she wants to play in the modeling industry.

She also pays close attention to what she eats. Being a girlfriend of a football star means that there is very close attention to their nutrition in other not to affect their shape and size especially to keep fit and recover fast from injuries.

Jordi Alba’s girlfriend Romarey Ventura might not be at the top of the chains of models because of her height, 162cm, but she definitely calling some shots in the industry. Ventura also has a shopping app called 21 Buttons.

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The profession of couple has shown that they could easily give excuses not to have time for each other or not to have time to build a family but that is not the case. Despite not being married officially, they love like couples and have great moments together that they share on social media.

They have been able to build a family together that they will be proud of. They had their first child in 2018. This was a big win for the couple because they needed that third person to cement their relationship and cast out any doubt that they may not be getting married.

The arrival of their son also came at a time that Alba was needed in the team as Barcelona were in the Champions league and were trying to go as far as possible. Having the son did a great job in unifying everyone and seeing them officially as one big family and no further talk about them getting married or not.

Their son was names Piero Alba Ventura. Their social media was agog with congratulatory messages from friends and families and fans across the world, especially on Ventura’s Instagram’s page. That moment that they had their first child was one they can never forget and will stick with them, just like any family having their first child. 2024 came and they announced that they will be having their second child later in the year. More wins for the Alba family.

It has been shown that Alba and Ventura are the kind of couple that many young footballers or aspiring celebrities can emulate. Alba is not the social media guy but he has been able to survive with it and still remain himself.

Ventura have also been a successful influencer and model but that has not derailed her from being a great partner and mother to her son. That is the level couples in entertainments generally are aiming to be rather than having stories of them cheating or divorce going round the internet.

Alba and Barcelona as a team might be having a tough time as a team but he has covered himself every time he is called up in the team and have also played his role well as a father at home. He is the all-round family and football man that should be emulated likewise Ventura. It is with great hope that their family remain solid and happy forever.