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Arsenal Business Model; A More Sustainable Idea in Premier League

As the new season approaches, every club is in the market making deals that will improve their side for the new season, but Arsenal has been the less active amongst the clubs that need a massive upgrade in the top six. Chelsea has a transfer ban, so their lack of signings is understandable. The North London finished fifth in the season and will play the Europa League for the third consecutive season.

This doesn’t sit well with the fans in North London and across the world. There seems not to be patience amongst the Arsenal fans as they don’t trust the way the club is going about their transfer business. This, however, is what the fans of the club have to accept going forward.

Arsenal is a club that will not be able to compete if money is to be thrown around like the likes of Manchester City. A more sustainable approach has to be adopted.

Arsenal management has come to the realization that the club has to be run in a way that will be self-sustaining and be able to compete amongst its pairs, this, however, will not happen overnight. It is obvious what the fans want is the club owner, Stan Kroenke should invest in the club but this will not happen soon.

That is why reality has to be seen and the fans should consider giving a look at what the club plan to do. The approach is that the club will get a group of people to run it and do different jobs that don’t overlay another. That is why a football director was brought in. Edu being a former Arsenal player knows the club and can see the approach the club is taking.

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According to the report in Aclsports, the plan is also to look for great deals across the world and not pay the over-bloated transfer fees common when signing within the Premier League. If the club has to sign within the league, it has to be one or two, as the link to Wilfred Zaha.

If past record of the club having huge money to make transfer has been looked at, only a few come good and have resale value. This is another thing the fans have to look at. Arsenal is not Manchester City or Real Madrid that can allow a player on big wages to seat or play with the reserves when there is no cash to make new signings. What is expected is that the new management will manage the clubs in a more judicious way that will create a more sustainable club in the long term.

Arsenal may not win the league in next season or the one that follows, but it can definitely finish in a top-four and build from there and get players that will contribute to the long run of the club. It is no magic that clubs like Liverpool get Andrew Robertson for a cheap fee and there are several deals like that that could be used as an example and the club also get the best deals.

The fans just have to realize that there is no Sheik at Arsenal and it will take a longer time to get to the top, but will definitely stay longer there when the club eventually gets there.