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Best Strollers Not Made in China

According to studies, parents are always looking for the ideal stroller that will provide the best comfort and safety for their precious young one.

For that reason, strollers not made in China shoot up in value, and some brands can cost as much as a second-hand vehicle.

However, expensive does not always mean quality and vice versa, which is why this article will list only top-rated strollers that are produced outside China. Let’s jump in.

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Safety 1st ‘s SmoothIncluded 35 Litre rear facing infant car seat
Includes added back and neck support for newborns

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Peg Perego Booklet 50Innovative design allows for quick and easy fold that closes inward
Wheels with ball bearings and suspension allow for 360 degree agility

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BumblerideEach single stroller is made using 100% recycled PET
Along with the UPF 45+ canopy with magnetic viewing window

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Britax B-AgileOne-hand quick fold; extra-large storage basket
Lightweight design and all-wheel suspension for smooth

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Kolcraft Cloud PlusReclining seat offers 5-point safety restraint system 
Include one parent tray with two drink holders

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1. The Safety 1st ‘s Smooth Ride Travel System

Safety 1st, a USA company, has been producing quality baby strollers for over three decades, and it shows with this product. This stroller is user friendly in every sense of the word.

You can seamlessly transfer your child from the vehicle and connect the seat to the stroller using a few QuickClick features that secures your child in place.

It is designed to provide maximum side impact protection to your toddler. The padding is rigid and is made with neck support that’s comfortable enough for your newborn.

This stroll is designed for vacation as well as home use. The selling point is how safe the Safety 1st is.

You can check it out here, starting from $159.99. 

Features of the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

  • More than enough storage

There is a parent tray right next to the handle where you can place a coffee cup, baby milk, phone, or anything that you need to reach at a moment’s notice. At the bottom, there’s more storage for baby necessities. 

  • A comfortable ride for your baby

The wheels are agile for any type of strolling terrain you’ll encounter. Then when you need to park, there are easy to use breaks that are flip flop friendly. The design prioritized your child’s comfort regardless of the terrain. The visor will come to provide shade on sunny days, and you can play peek a boo with your young one.

  • Feels lightweight carrying a heavy child

This Safety 1st stroller is able to carry a maximum load of 35 kilograms. Obviously, you won’t be turning it into a luggage handcart but just know that it’s capable. There is a 5-point harness that can keep the rowdiest of toddlers in place. On the stroller, the harnesses will handle 50-pound kids and 35-pound ones when using the car seat.

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2. The Peg Perego Booklet 50

This stroll is made in Italy, a country whose products are known for elegance without sacrificing practicality and durability.

It comes in a color called mon amour, and the design really does make a fashion statement. Apart from being made from leather, the price starts from $429.99, and a car seat has to be bought separately.

If you happen to have a child that’s younger than 60 months, then check out the Peg Perego Booklet 50 here.

Add another $200 to that price, and you can get the two-baby stroller version. 

Advantages of the Peg Perego Booklet 50 

  • Features a narrow and is overall lightweight for easy maneuvering folding after use. 
  • Can recline to a flat position for the child’s convenience. 
  • The backrest can be adjusted into several positions to offer extra comfort.  
  • Features a sizable storage compartment, and overall, the stroller can carry 50 pounds. 
  • The swivel front wheels are lockable, the suspension is comfortable, and the rear brakes work perfectly.
  • The mesh on the hood helps you to check on your child and keep them engaged. 
  • It is car seat compatible, and you’ll be able to fit one on the stroller effortlessly. 
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3. The Stokke Scoot Complete Stroller

When you purchase this unique stroller that’s made in Norway, you’ll find a mosquito net and rain cover included in the packaging.

It is suitable for parents who want their newborns to face them as they go strolling at the public park.

The Stokke Scoot Complete Stroller is made from polyester and can be purchased here at $504.9

What’s Good About the Stokke Scoot Complete Stroller from Norway

  • Carries a maximum of 45 pounds.
  • Perfect for newborns, and the seat is padded for comfort.
  • Comes with easily lockable swivel wheels. 
  • The stroller has enough storage space for baby items.
  • Folding is easy, it’s light to carry around, and maintenance is a breeze.
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4. The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

As the name suggests, this stroller made in Taiwan enables you to tag your baby along on your jogging routes without affecting the toddler’s comfort.

Your kid may probably snore through your entire jogging because of the quality of the advanced all-wheel suspension and comfortable upholstery on the Bumbleride Speed. 

Whether you’re a pro jogger or a new mum who wants to shed some weight, this stroller is what you need to spend time with your toddler and exercise at the same time.

At only $589, you can purchase this Taiwanese jogging stroller on Amazon

The Features of the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

  • Air-filled wheels offer the ability to tackle any terrain, while the all-wheel suspension maintains baby comfort as you jog through the park. 
  • The storage compartment is enough for your jogging essentials, along with some necessary baby items.
  • The stroller is made from recycled material, which makes it environmentally friendly. 
  • It will effortlessly carry a maximum of 65 pounds.
  • The advanced safety features include a bell, a foot brake, and a wrist strap for parents.
  • It’s compatible with a car seat, thus making it suitable for road and camping trips. 
  • The Bumbleride Speed is made with aluminum and polyester that does not fade to improve its durability even when used in all weathers and rough terrain. 
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5. The Quinny Classic Buzz Stroller

This classic infant stroller made in Denmark can be reversed for the child to face you. It’s effortless to fold and lightweight to carry around.

The other features include an adjustable sun canopy, adjustable handlebar, and comfy seat for your toddler.

Apart from being compatible with a car seat, the stroller comes with a shopping basket that’s also adjustable.

The Quinny Classic Buzz stroller can carry a maximum of 50 pounds, and feel free to purchase it for $269 at an Amazon store.

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6. The Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller

This stroller is manufactured in Europe, and its selling point is that it’s agile and a one-hand fold feature.

That element makes it suitable for unrestricted traveling with your young one.

The stroller alone costs $181.23 from Amazon. 

The Best Features of the Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller

  • The harnesses are reflective to improve safety and visibility even when strolling in poor light conditions. 
  • The B-Agile stroller is fitted with a large canopy to protect your toddler from harsh sun rays and weather elements such as rain. 
  • It has plenty of storage space from the basket to a zipped pocket to store baby items and your things. 
  • This stroller is able to carry a maximum load of 55 pounds, which is more than most brands in the same category. 
  • The three wheels offer easy maneuverability through tight spaces, and the stroll is compact and light for you to use it with one hand as you multitask like many new mothers. The parking brake is one of the best on the market. 
  • The frame is made from aluminum, which ensures durability. 
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7. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

This double stroller made in the USA is the perfect solution for parents with twins or when you need to go for a walk to the park with two toddlers at the same time.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus was made with babysitters in mind because it is lightweight despite having space for two infants and more storage.

It is advisable to use the stroller on children that are between six months and 48 months. One is available at Amazon for $175.99. 

Key Features of the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller 

  • Carries a maximum of 80 pounds and 40 pounds for each baby seat. Despite that, it is lightweight and easy to handle. 
  • The reclining seats help to provide extra comfort for the toddlers on board. 
  • There is plenty of storage space in addition to the removable child and parent trays for things like drinks, food, and so on.
  • The canopy is large and offers great protection from the elements, especially harsh sun rays. 
  • The designers placed the seats side by side, which facilitates interaction and bonding among toddlers, which is vital for children’s development. 
  • Folding is easy, and the double stroller fits perfectly in trunks.
  • It is not compatible with a car seat. 

User Reviews:

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In Conclusion

Strollers not made in China can be expensive and lack basic features, but one thing they can do well is to keep your child safe in case of impact.

They are very durable, which means you can purchase one and hand it down to younger siblings.

Strollers make ideal baby shower gifts.

The good thing is that even when a stroller is made in Europe, services like Amazon make it possible for anyone to order from anywhere on the globe.