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Countries With The Greatest Number Of Casinos

The world of gambling entertainment is filled with vivid impressions, a sea of adrenaline, and colorful lights. Gambling establishments are visited by millions of players in search of thrills, big winnings, and fun pastimes.

With all the relevance of sites for gambling, not all countries allow such activities. Some states prohibit the operation of land-based and online casinos by law.

However, there are such countries that are motivated to legalize the gambling business by considerable tax deductions to the budget. If we look at the statistics calculated by spending per capita, the picture is as follows:

Country Losses per capita, $
Australia 1,288
Singapore 1,174
Ireland 588
Canada 568
Finland 553
Italy 517
Hong Kong 503
Norway 448
Greece 420
Spain 418

How to Get a Casino License

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The registration of online casinos stands out because it does not require binding to a particular state. For example, a well-known online establishment Bitcoin Penguin has a document issued in Costa Rica and can provide services in many countries of the world.

Things are different with land-based casinos. Regional regulators act on the basis of local legislation and conduct a thorough check on many criteria. For example, there are four types of licenses issued in the UK:

  1. Operating.
  2. Personal management license.
  3. Functional license.
  4. For the premises.

In the United States, Malta, and Cyprus, there are other regulatory requirements of which the owner of the establishment is notified by the regulatory authorities.

Countries with the Largest Gambling Zones

Not every country can boast a developed gambling infrastructure but there are certain areas in which the entire gambling industry of the state is concentrated.

Las Vegas, USA

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It is rightly considered one of the most famous territories for gambling tourism. Millions of visitors from all over the world come here to test their luck and experience the atmosphere of luxury and wealth. You can read even more interesting details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Las_Vegas.

All of Las Vegas is nothing but casinos; the city’s economy is supported by the gambling industry. The most famous establishments are listed below:

  • Stratosphere Casino occupies 7,000 m2 and offers the whole range of entertainment – slot machines, roulettes, card tables, etc.;
  • MGMGrand is a chic establishment on Las Vegas Strip Boulevard with about 170,000 feet. It includes more than 5,000 rooms, 2,300 slot machines, and the Grand Garden Arena with a capacity of up to 16,000 spectators;
  • The Cosmopolitan Casino’s style is inspired by the spirit of the famous magazine in the 1980s. The lavish interior is complemented by video walls, and the range of games exceeds all expectations.

Each individual establishment can be considered an architectural and design masterpiece that everyone should see.


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The city-country attracts wealthy tourists who want to get maximum pleasure in one place. The gem of the territory is the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, which has been opening its doors to gambling for more than 120 years. The reason for its popularity lies in its visitors. The casino is considered one of the most expensive in the world, so not everyone can afford to relax in it.

For all guests, regardless of status, there are requirements for the dress code – men should be in formal suits, and ladies should wear evening dresses. The minimum bet can be more than one hundred dollars, so the average tourist will not be able to afford it.


Source: maltabusiness.it

Due to the state’s loyalty to the gambling business, entrepreneurs willingly invest money in gambling establishments. All the main aspects are prescribed at the state level, including a high level of security and privacy.

You can find a casino in Malta according to your budget – there are both posh establishments, and more modest venues, for instance,

  • Dragonara Casino features apartments located on the shore of the Gulf of St. George, inside there are more than 300 slot machines, 15 tables, and a room for VIPs. The casino operates since 1964, and each year it is visited by about 350,000 people;
  • Casino at Portomaso is a reputable establishment with roulette, poker tables, and slot machines for every taste. After registering, the player gets into a fabulous environment, where he can get a lot of different impressions;
  • Oracle Casino occupies a beautiful location in Qawra Seafront, Bugibba, offering entertainment not only for the wealthy but also for low-budget customers. It does not have strict dress code requirements, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The country has a lot of other, no less interesting places for entertainment, so it is worth taking some time off and visiting everywhere.


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Despite its history of gambling, China has gambling allowed as such only in some regions: Macao, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. This is where gambling enthusiasts come to test their luck, take a break from work, and enjoy the gambling process.

Macau is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Visiting the capital of gambling, it is recommended to visit the following establishments:

  • Venetian Macau breaks records on many levels, including the size of the territory, the size of the gambling rooms, and the number of hotel rooms. It has its own channels with gondoliers, a chic park, and the world’s largest shopping mall;
  • Grand Lisboa is designed in the form of a huge flower and is one of the oldest establishments. You won’t see the bright neon lights but you’ll walk through the maze of game rooms.

In addition to the traditional slot machines, roulette, and card tables, Macao offers betting on races, concerts of popular performers, and tournament matches of athletes.


The gambling business offers a lot of gambling entertainment for customers of different incomes. When visiting a casino as a tourist, the main thing is not to be carried away by the colorful picture of the gambling rooms, which can hypnotize the most persistent skeptic.