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Emma Raducanu is a tennis player, born on 13th November 2002 in Toronto, and belongs to a British family. She was brought up in London, United Kingdom, and joined sports at an early age. She got fame when she got 11th rank by WTA or Women Tennis Association this year.

She is among the best tennis players of all time. Let’s roll onto Emma Raducanu Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Nationality, Biography, and more.

Who is Emma Raducanu?

Who is Emma Raducanu
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1. Emma Raducanu’s Family Information

Emma Raducanu’s father’s name is Ion Răducanu and he belongs to România, while her mother Renee Zhai is a Chinese citizen. According to Emma Raducanu, her family has a reputable academic background, so the reason why she is fond of studies probably goes to her genes. She had no other option as both parents are strict when it came to education.

Emma Raducanu and her family came to England when she was three years old and gained British citizenship. She is fluent in many languages like Mandarin, Romanian, and of course English because she has spent a lot of time with her grandparents in China and Romania. Emma started playing tennis when she was only five years old. She has thoroughly participated in all extracurricular activities at school like golf, skiing, basketball, horse riding, and so forth.

Emma got her primary education from Newstead Wood School, and she revealed that she was excellent in mathematics and economics. So, sports didn’t affect her academics negatively. In athletes, Simona Halep was her inspiration and moved her mentality from academic career to sporting.

2. Emma Raducanu’s Career

Emma Raducanu’s Career
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On the thirteenth birthday of Emma Raducanu, she made her debut at NJI (Nike Junior International) where she was among the earliest entries. After eight days, she won that tournament and was awarded as the youngest winner of the International Tennis Federation. That was her first success that continued with more winning events!

In 2017, Emma Raducanu won the Yonex ITF Hamburg event, and the very next year she became the winner of the Chandigarh Lawn tennis tournament for girls. In 2018, she also won a few junior tournaments in India and won further titles. 2018 was the year when Emma Raducanu became a professional tennis player and in 2020 she qualified for the Billie Jean King Cup.

3. Emma Raducanu’s Net Worth

The net worth of Emma Raducanu is $50,000 to $100,000 approximately. Considering the statistics, it is clear that Emma has reached success as a tennis player. Though she is pretty young and has a long journey ahead.

4. Emma Raducanu’s Romantic Relationship

Emma Raducanu’s Romantic Relationship
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The information about Raducanu’s romantic relationships is not revealed yet. Though her relationship with Harvey Leigh Cantwell was rumored a lot in 2020. Harvey is a famous singer and British TV anchor. Magazines uncovered little gossip about their dating, and both stars didn’t accept nor denied these rumors and silently kept the matter private.

5. Emma Raducanu’s Awards & Honors

Emma was awarded the title of “sportswoman of the year” by a popular magazine Sunday Times. In 2021, she won the Peter Wilson trophy as a newcomer on the international forum by SJA (Sports Journalists Association).

In the same year, she was titled as best sports personality of the year by BBC news and was further appointed as a member of the British Empire in 2022. She is among the top-notch sports stars that have won a race of awards and trophies by performing continuously flawlessly in court.

6. Emma Raducanu’s Social Media

Emma Raducanu’s Social Media
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The virtual world has become an important part of our lives to get in touch with our family, friends, or fans. After the outbreak of covid 19, many celebrities including actors, hosts, sporters, and more shifted towards the world of social media to get interacted and Emma Raducanu wasn’t an exception.

She created her profile on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where she shares videos and pictures related to tournaments, events, and so forth.


FAQs Emma Raducanu

1. What is the height and weight of Emma Raducanu?

Emma was born on 13th November 2002 in Toronto. She is a 20 years old British tennis player. Emma Raducanu’s weight is 61 kgs and her height is five feet and nine inches.

2. Does Emma Raducanu speak Romanian?

Yes! Emma Raducanu can speak three languages. She is fluent in many languages like Mandarin, Romanian, and of course English because she has spent a lot of time with her grandparents in China and Romania.

3. Who is Emma Raducanu’s inspiration?

Undoubtedly, Emma herself is an inspiration for many of us. But when she was young, Simona Halep was her inspiration who played a lead role in developing her interest in sports.


Emma Raducanu is not just a sportswoman, but an inspiration and role model for many of us, especially women who restrict themselves from sports careers due to different fears. She has made herself, her parents, and her country super proud by winning a line of awards and honors on both national and international platforms.

She is young, passionate, and ready to achieve more in her life. If you want to get motivated through someone’s successful career line, give a read to this informative blog about Emma.

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