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Francesco Totti Net Worth 2024 – Revealed!

In the history of AS Roma, one player that will forever remain in the minds of fans is Francesco Totti. The striker was an immense figure at Roma during his playing days and after he has retired. This is why Francesco Totti’s net worth has risen to $33m.

His presence in the team enabled him to be able to do so many long term endorsements and more that he is currently benefiting despite already retiring. Totti is one of a generation that gained recognition so early that shows he will be up for great things and he didn’t disappoint.

Born 27th September 1976, Totti started his senior playing career and ended it at Roma. He gains public attraction in 1998/99 season when he burst into the limelight at Roma. This made him a golden boy in Italian football and it was never going to take time before he starts raking up wealth from several endorsement packages.

This was the beginning of his amassing wealth from playing football and now that he is estimated to worth over 100 million dollars, Totti is ranked amongst the top 10 wealthiest footballers. That 1998/1999 season was will remain a unique season in his career because it defined almost how his wealth will start coming in. he won the young footballer of the year award that year.

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For a young man of his age then, this was a big step up and what followed was a bigger one that could also increase his wealth. Becoming an Italian footballer of the year just a year later shows how great he was going to turn out. Add that to the nomination he got on the Ballon d’Or award and it will be clear Totti was never an overhyped person.

During his playing career, he was crowned with personal and several team awards and trophies. Winning the world cup in Germany in 2006 will be ranked as the biggest for him and also finishing as the runner up at Euro 2000 will be top there. He was named in the team of the tournament in both cases. He was instrumental in Italy’s great triumph in Germany in 2006. That was why it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that he was named in the team of the tournament.

As he retires from Roma, he took a role at the club to become the sporting director in September 2017. He stayed on the job for less than two years as the situation was not what he expected. This was the end of a three-decade with Roma and he has made huge wealth from working there. The future still looks great for Totti who could still become a coach and make more money.

The options of what to do now after leaving Roma are many and it is only time before it becomes something that brings in a huge fund for him. With his ability, Totti will be expected to add more to the game either administratively or on the touchline, only time will determine all this.