In the game of soccer like all sports, athletes the need a pair of socks. This is like a little thing that mattered to the game regardless of being one that may not have been regarded.

To play the game as a professional athlete, one must have a very good pair that suits what we will be using it. So a pair of socks will be needed for someone in soccer and we will co covering the several types of soccer socks we have and the best soccer socks around.

The aftermath of these socks is that it gives room for comfort despite soccer being an intense game. So we will delve into the different types of best soccer socks we will be recommending in this piece.

Many are always confused as to which stocks to buy and which one suits the purpose they want. As long as you have a specification of the type and way you want your socks to be, follow as we dissert the best soccer socks in the industry.

1. Soxnet Cotton Soccer Sports Team Socks

Soxnet is one of the best brands when it comes to the production of soccer socks. It produced cotton made socks that are unisex and not just worn by soccer players but one that can be used by other field sport like rugby.

These socks are so comfortable for the players that they are stretchable due to the cotton tubes design used in manufacturing them. This is a good indication that there won’t worry about the shin guard falling off during the game.

This is a big solution and stresses a free lifestyle for players on the field. The making of these socks is done with durable materials that will last a player a whole season.

This still doesn’t affect the fact that it gives room for air to enter the socks to allow the feet to do not get slippery and sweaty inside the socks.


The fabric used in designing the socks is just one special attraction to the socks as it gives a breathing space within the socks that give room for sweat out. Soxnet understands that different people prefer a different color for their socks, so they produced several colors. They also ensure that shin guards don’t fall off as they are firm on the leg.


The size shrink greatly after wash which might affect the preferred size a player might have preferred.


2. Adidas Metro IV Soccer Socks

Whenever Adidas is on a list of manufacturers that their products are top-rated, no one is surprised because they are expected to deliver greatness.

They didn’t disappoint with their metro IV soccer socks. These metro IV socks have specially designed knit leg that makes the players’ comfortable and efficient in doing their job.

It is also very light so no extra burden in terms of its weight on the players. It is designed in such a way to support the ankle. It is a sock that is designed to suit not just footballers but all athletes regardless of age and level of experience.


They give very good room for breath which also makes it very absorbent and comfortable. The support the socks give the foot and ankle aid the performance of the players.

This means that the performance of the player is indirectly affected by the type of socks used during a game and this can affect it in a positive way.


They easily wear out and sometimes might not last a season. This means a player might be spending more on getting another pair of socks.


3. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Socks

It is not a surprise that Adidas has more than a product on the review list. They produce high-quality products and their Copa Zone Cushion II socks is the best of the best and have a very great rating from all index in the industry.

It now fits everyone in the game regardless if you are a professional or an amateur just starting to play the game. One thing common to players is that they want something very firm to their feet and this is a perfect match.  It encloses the shin well and firm.

The ClimaLite technology used in making these socks ensures that there is added ventilation and moisture to improve comfort for the feet. The support it provides for the feet and ankle also makes it a top choice.


The Copa Zone Cushion II has a wide range of users that will enjoy having the socks on as it is available for all range of players. It also provides a great ventilation system that allows players to feel the fresh air.

This design now makes it lightweight and great stability is achieved to support the ankle and foot.


The tops of the socks may be defective.


4.  TCK Sports Elite CDigital Camo Over the Calf Performance Socks

The number of socks a player can keep will also mean how often he can make choices. But some amateur doesn’t have that luxury of picking from a bunch so they go for the best they can afford.

Getting the TCK Sports Elite is a very good choice to make. They are stretchable over the calf and can keep the shin guard from any injury easily. 

They are stretchable over the calf and can keep the shin guard from any injury easily. Football socks men feature compression technology, which helps improve blood flow, reduces muscle fatigue, and enhances performance. Compression socks can also provide additional support to the calf muscles.

They also have the feature to take moisture plus they have a way of controlling the sweat smell. This allows players to practice for long without any discomfort or smelly feet.

Wearing socks for long can also cause blisters but the case is not so with TCK Sports Elite and are antimicrobial which helps to keep the foot clean and safe from any infections.


It can keep the feet dry and clean for a longer period of time without smelling. Despite the long-lasting hours, there is no fear of blister from the socks.

They are very suitable for arch compression that further adds to the comfort and support that these socks provide.


For people that have long legs, it might not be able to fit comfortably their leg and shin guard or too tight for them, thereby making it uncomfortable for them.


5. Adidas Rivalry Field OTC Sock (2-pack)

Another of Adidas socks that are highly rated is the Rivalry Field OTC socks. It also has the ClimaLite technology as its design mechanism and this means that the excessive moisture can easily be removed and ensure the feet are dry all day long.

In the process, the user will have a comfortable time using the socks. The design of the socks also gives room for comprehension to the foot arch and the ankle. In the process, this makes it much more comfortable and increases the level of protection against the leg in case of a tackle.


The ClimaLite technology is far ahead of many others in the industry and it makes the feet have cool and dry in a special way. It also gives a foot arch and ankle support that help to provide support which provides cushion to the foot protects it.


It has issues with size as they find it difficult to fit whenever the player is to use shin guard.


6. Adidas Team Speed Soccer Socks

Another of Adidas products that are rated highly in the industry is the team speed soccer socks. They are very light weighted and are design to fit the players as they are in different shapes and sizes.

The design is in such a way that the shin guard tock underneath is firm and won’t remove during match or training. The logo of Adidas is well crested on its footbeds on both sides of the leg.

The aim of this is to improve the natural movement of the foot. The design was specially made to fit both legs shape and it fits in well to the shape of the leg. It is made from the ClimaCool Technology that makes the feet cool and dry and allows for breathability.

It has the extra effect that caters for shock absorption whenever the socks are being used.


The special design that was done to both sides of the leg ensures there is an improvement in the movement of the leg.

This doesn’t in any way affect the lightness of the socks as it is one of the best in terms of lightness. It is no surprise that it allows the free flow of air into it with the design and thereby keeping the feet cool and dry.


The shape of the toe side of the sock changes shape after a couple of washes.


7. Nike Park IV Sock

Nike first socks on our list are their Park IV sock. The level of customer satisfaction many of the users of this get makes it a great choice for those that have never tried it before.

From a great look to great quality, Nike has a wide array of designs and colors for these socks that players are always wowed by the options available. It is also available for everyone regardless of age bracket. Its elastic level is quite high which prevents a quick tear.


They are designed to fit perfectly to every player’s size. That is why they have several options to pick from.

The multiple color options are also a reason why many choose them, especially for the fact that they make for kids and kids are attracted by beautiful colors. They are designed to be flexible all thanks to its elasticity.


The fact that they have multiple colors also affect the washing as the color fades after a few washes and also shrink.


8. SOF Sole Midfielder Soccer Socks

SOF socks are a special design type of sock especially for midfielders, but can also be used by everyone. They are designed to suit all weather conditions. This is possible because of the combination of material used to manufacture it.

It has 80% acrylic, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex, all performing an important role. Because the role the socks will play is very important for the player, it is designed in a way that it doesn’t shrink after several washes.

With a wide range of options to choose from, there is a chance for kids to have a go at this quality piece and not just adults and pro.


There are no fears of getting blisters from using these socks and they have a way of removing moisture through a hydrologic removing fiber. There is a flexible fit that allows it to easy to wear and allows the heel to have firm support.


The effect of washing it is not very good as it changes shape.


9. Soccer Socks, Fasoar Unisex Team Sports Football Long Tube Socks

Fasoar unisex socks are highly rated in the sports industry and their digital Fasoar socks are one that tops many sport choices, not just in soccer but in many other sports.

These socks design is so attractive that they are seen as the standard by many to measure other types of socks design.

This is also why having many colors was expended. The design
lightweight and breathable material help your feet stay cool and dry during athletic team games.

This is what many are willing to have as the socks help keep the feet dry which translates to great performances.


The socks fit in perfectly to every player’s specification which allows for a firm grip of the shin guard. They are also very light weighted which allows for good breathing opportunities for the leg.

The wide range of colors available to choose from makes is great. All this is in addition to the fact that it was made of high-quality material


In the process of making it perfectly fit size, it becomes too tight for some players thereby causing a little discomfort.


10. Luwint Adult Cotton Thick Long Soccer Socks

Luwint is another brand that has prided itself on making great socks that will last a long time for the players of the game of soccer and other sports. The design of the socks is as eye-catching as it was made from in such a way that the whole socks are built to the specification of the design of each part of the leg it will cover.

One such specific pattern used to design it is the way the toe side of the socks designed to have a towel-like to give comfort to the toe as many understand the extra work the toe does especially when trying to shoot.

It is also designed to fit the leg and add flexibility to it. Looking at the design, adults have not to worry about their sweat from the leg again as they design it to be anti-slippery.

With a length of 17″ and 8.3″ bottom length, the socks cover the whole leg to the knee which gives extra protection to the knee.


Comfort was a watchword for the great design they used in making these socks as the players will never fell anything short of great comfort while using it.

Its designs to have the perfect length for every size make the elastic property it has a great choice to pick which is a reason it fits most of the time.


The design is too thick on the bottom of the sock as many want something light there. The stitching affects the people that have a problem for people with a wide calf.

Factors to consider while buying these socks.

There have been various types of socks listed above and they are all great socks based on the target audience of the manufacturer.

It is now imperative for the buyers to know what to watch out for while making his purchase.

Some of these things have been talked about but it is important we highlight them and draw closer attention so that players are guided and make the best choice that suits them while trying to buy the best soccer socks.



The size of a sock is very key and important when considering to buy any sock. No one wants to buy a pair of socks that bring discomfort to him or changes shape after one or two wash.

Because the size is in a large range from children to adults, it is very important to be careful to look at the guide and see what sizes the manufacturer makes for that brand of socks and what happens to the size after few uses.

So another advice that is recommended when getting socks and considering the size is that players should get socks that are an inch bigger than their size should in case it shrinks after wash.

Sweat Resistant

Throughout the period we analyze the best soccer socks in the game, the effect of the socks on sweat resistance is one key factor that keeps reoccurring. Players value socks that resist sweat as this helps improve the comfort they feel on their legs.

The game itself generates it that can make a player sweat, so what is needed is material that helps control the sweat and not make the player get affected by it, performance-wise.

This is why many brands specially design their product to cater to this problem. It is also important to note that many companies claim that their socks are sweat-resistant but this is actually not so true, especially after washing it.

So it is important to look that for socks that cater for this, especially for players that want practice for a long time.


One thing is sure, the height of all players are different, which makes the length of the socks they will be needing also different. However, there are some basic things that cut across all the length of the socks that is required of every player.

I. OTC (Over The Calf)

On match days, this type of socks is required to be worn by the players. They are designed to have a good fit around the whole calf and be fit so as to provide comfort for the player during the match.

What to watch out for in them is the fact that they must be padded to allow players to have a grip on their feet and calves. They are also very long to the knee as they protect the knee. All these must be watched for when buying it for a match game.

II.    Crew

This is the socks majorly used in training and the length will not be as long as that of OTC. It is designed to get to the mid-calf and give the players the flexibility to try some skills in training. When a player wants to practice different skills, it is advisable to get these socks.

III. Left/Right Foot Design

One thing about the design of a sock is that they are made to specification. Watching out for these specifications is key to how the players enjoy their time wearing the socks.

The left and right leg socks are made with this in mind and should be watched out for when buying socks. They are always L for left while R for right on the body of each pair.


It is a known saying that quality trumps quantity. It is the same with socks also. Getting a pair of socks that are of great quality is one key factor to watch out for when making a purchase.

How to know a sock of great quality depends on the type of materials used to design the socks. The common materials are acrylic, cotton, and nylon. Depending on the player’s preference, this has to be watched out for.

Some don’t want socks made of nylon while others prefer cotton material. This has to be watched out for as it goes a long way in determining how much comfort a player will enjoy while using the socks.


While thickness is very important to consider is that the body-psyche of every player differs. The other factor why thickness matter is because of the quality of some sock materials.

Light socks tend to tear faster than the thick ones, so it is important to watch out for the thickness of a pair of socks while buying.


We have touched on every part of the socks that will ensure we get the best soccer socks available and to ensure that they help us achieve a great game.

It is important that players don’t just get a pair of socks, but get one that will enhance their performance which is what we try to achieve with this review.