Manchester United to Come All Attack Against Crystal Palace

Jose Mourinho and his team will travel to Selhurst Park on Monday to face Crystal Palace in a game expected by many not to be a stroll in the park for United. With a possibility City will beat Chelsea, Jose Mourinho knows he has to continue to field a strong line up prior to their … Read more

The Four Best European Championship Matches of All Time – 2022 Review


If the things had gone differently this year, we would have just witnessed the crowning of Euro 2022 winner at Wembley Stadium. Alas, we will have to wait for next summer, and perhaps console ourselves with the fact that August will see rescheduled Europa League and Champions League tournaments. Moreover, there has been plenty of … Read more

Stan Kroenke Net Worth 2022 – How Rich is Kroenke

Any time you are looking for the real definition of ‘grass to grace’, you do not need to look further, because all you need to do is to type and search the name Stan Kroenke.  He was born in a humble, middle-class family in Missouri. How he grew his net worth went from scratch is something … Read more

Top 10 Heaviest Soccer Players in the World in 2022

One of the most surprising things in football is to see footballers that look overweight compared to their fellow footballers and still able to do their job effectively. This is always shocking as it is weird. It is a known thing that most sportsmen and women would prefer to have good physiques and have six-packs … Read more

Indoor vs Outdoor Soccer: What Are the Real Differences – 2022 Review

Indoor soccer

In the game of soccer, many still don’t know the difference between the indoor vs outdoor soccer gears and equipment. This is simply because they are used to a certain type of equipment and the majority play an outdoor soccer game. The indoor soccer is a game that has lately gained massive attention and as … Read more

What To Expect From The Next Premier League Season


Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, last season’s premier league was the first in history to be put on hold. Naturally, supporters, footballers, and managers were disappointed by the news. But as footballers were falling ill and the virus spread, the premier league games paused on 13th March 2022 to protect teams and their fans. With … Read more