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Types of Soccer Training Equipment Does The Pros Use – 2024 Guide

When talking about soccer training equipment, different thought comes to mind. The different types of gears worn in sports, the facilities used in training, the ground or pitch used in training and many more.

Training equipment is more of the equipment that makes a particular person be in top shape and what you have in order to be successful. What each person needs differs a bit from each other.

So when making a purchase, the first thing to have at the back of the mind is you are buying for yourself alone and you aren’t buying what your friend used and worked for him. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you, too.

One thing that people also ignore is the effect of hard work and consistency. They tend to believe more in equipment.

“As long as I am using the best equipment, I should get the best result.” It is the amount of work, the hunger, and drives in the sportsmen or women that drives them to success. It is after all these have been done that the effect of the equipment can properly be felt.

One thing must not be mistaken, we are not dismissing the importance of training equipment, in fact, training equipment is the main focus of this piece but we must establish the fact that it doesn’t work alone. Other factors also come to play in this.

Trying to go professional, there is some level of training gears that one has to be exposed to. This training equipment, no matter how small plays an important role in the development of a future star.

There is a little difference in the equipment all clubs use but there are some that are constant in all clubs. We will be discussing those ones and how to make the best soccer training equipment.


There are morning drills that every player that wants to go pro must partake in. To get the best result, cones are used. They are of different sizes. They are used to build agility and strength.

Speed Ladders

Speed ladders are those ladder laid on the floor for players to improve on their speed trying to pass each of the ladders. They work like magic if well used. The players are asked to increase their speed while doing it or they are paired in two sets, a set doing with a ladder and another with another ladder, that way they could task each other to finish faster.

Also, because it’s done with several other players, it means that it helps everyone in the team build their speed.

Running Shoes

There are different shoes used while in the game. While trying to build speed, there is a particular type of shoe that is advisable to train with. After a high speed has been achieved, the normal soccer shoe can be used to also train and maintain the same level of speed.

Watch (with timer)

One thing that many jokes are a timer. Since it’s training, the timing shouldn’t be a big problem. This is a lie and a thing that has to be curb early. That is why a timer is needed.

Soccer Cleats

It is a given that a pair of soccer cleats are needed while training and also when playing. This ensures that the type of boot to be worn on match day is what the player is familiar with.

Resistance Bands

This also uses to build strength workout and flexibility training. They are long bands of rubber with different tensions and lengths for different workouts.

Stability Disc

Used in rehabilitation and other balance workouts. Just a rubber disk to help with your balance.

Medicine Ball

They are balls of 5-10lb medicine balls for strength and conditioning sessions. Also used for certain rehabilitation exercises.

Exercise Ball

These are large ball use for exercising abdominal training to about your knees is the standard size. Used for abdominal training and other core exercises. They do great work in making players maintain a normal abdominal shape.

Agility Poles

Instead of using cones, in some cases, agility poles could be used. It is a straight pole inserted into the ground that can be as long as the height of the player. Its purpose is to help with speed and also help weave through and juke around.

Portable Player Wall

The practice is the only thing that makes players look exceptionally good on the pitch. A free-kick is a very good example. There are players that train specifically for free kicks and what they use is the portable player wall.

They place the portable player like a real wall in-game and try to hit the ball to go past it and also get into the back of the net. This equipment has made some player free-kick specialists all thanks to continuous training with the portable player wall.

Ankle and shin guards

In playing soccer, safety is never a compromise but a necessity. To attain top-level protection, some gears are to be in place. They are absolutely necessary.

The best ankle brace and shin guards are worn while playing and also training. They serve as protection for the shin and the ankle. They protect against career-ending injuries. And we have managed to bring to you the best soccer shin guards list that would help achieve these.

Soccer Balls

This is made the last equipment because it is what everyone knows is necessary. The soccer ball is the reason the sport exist so no need explaining why it’s needed.

For players just starting, the list of equipment needed may look too much based on the cost to acquire all of them. Many upcoming soccer players also don’t have all of them. What this means is that there are some that are of more importance than the others. So the ones that are absolutely necessary are

  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 1 pair of soccer cleats
  • 1 short, shirt, socks
  • 10 regular cones
  • Ankle and shin guard
  • 1 Ball (preferably more)

As more funds are available to the player after purchase the best soccer ball, others will be needed so as to look like a proper pro and play like the Ronaldos of this world.

The top players have more pairs of boots, more balls to practice with and the effect are known on their performance. More time training can also close the gap for a player trying to go pro.