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How Does Web Hosting Affect Your Website’s Speed – 2024 Guide

It doesn’t matter what you do, which goals you have, and in which direction you would want your business to go. Having a good website that represents you on the internet is a mandatory thing. People usually focus on common things. They want to ensure an appropriate design, write optimized content that converts leads into customers, add videos, etc. However, even you have the most creative design or textual content in the world, that will mean nothing if the speed of your website is low.

You need to understand that the patience of people is relatively low. They will wait for only a couple of seconds for pages to upload. If they need to wait more, there is a big chance they will leave the website and search for websites of your competitors that offer the same or almost identical products or services.

Different factors influence the speed of the website. One of them that we would like to analyze in this article is web hosting. Believe it or not, web hosting does impact the speed of your website as well as the overall quality! Because of that, we would like to analyze this subject in detail.

The Connection Between Web Hosting and Speed

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If you already have a website or you simply explored all the web hosting services, then you know that there are different packages you can subscribe to. Many individuals, especially those that run small businesses, will use the so-called shared hosting plan. There are a couple of reasons why they decide on that move.

First of all, this type of service is extremely affordable. Small business owners usually do not have enough money to make bigger investments. We totally understand that and we invite you to subscribe to a stronger package immediately after you experience growth in terms of profit. On the other hand, this type of hosting is extremely easy to use. It does not require any technical knowledge that most entrepreneurs do not have.

Anyway, choosing that service is a great option only in case you have between 500 and 1000 visitors a day. That may be good for certain industries, but businesses of today usually experience bigger web traffic. If you have more than 1000 visitors a day, then you can be sure your website is going to be pretty slow and it will crush all the time.

Generally, the smartest thing you should do is to follow the analytics of your web traffic. If you plan to stream videos, custom apps, or do anything else that requires a lot of data, then a shared hosting service is not going to be enough for you.

So, What Exactly Does Impact the Hosting Service Speed?

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Well, this question is not easy to answer. But, when you look closer, there are two crucial factors that will directly influence the speed. These two factors are – resources and hard drive. Let’s say a few more words about them!

When we say resources, we think about RAM. The more RAM the web hosting service has, the website will work faster. You can compare that with any PC in the world. That is the reason why dedicated or VPS hosting servers are a lot better choice compared to the shared hosting that we previously explained. Every website will get the additional speed and overall power that way!

Apart from that, the second crucial factor is the hard drive. Hard drives need to be strong in case you want to have a quick load time and overall performance of your website. With a strong hard drive, visitors won’t have to wait for half a minute to upload a single page which will certainly help you grab their attention with entertaining and engaging content and design.

More Information on Dedicated Servers

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Let’s say a few more words about the shared hosting plan before we start explaining the dedicated servers. Shared service supports the work of many websites. In some cases, there may be a couple of hundred websites on the same hosting server. When one of those websites experiences huge web traffic, your website will become slower. Logically, that way, you will lose a lot of visitors and you won’t manage to convert them into customers.

Something like that will not happen if you decide on using the dedicated server. You will have your own resources. As stated, if RAM is higher, crushes probably won’t ever happen and people who land on your website will easily explore all the products and services that you offer.

Which Speed Should You Strive to Reach?

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How to know if your website is quick or not? Well, there are different researches done by different organizations that wanted to find the ideal amount of time people would appreciate. According to them, all the websites that do not need more than 7 seconds to upload a single page are considered quick.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be satisfied with that speed. On the contrary, you should do whatever it takes to minimize it as much as possible. Because of that, we suggest between 3 and 5 seconds as the ideal time that will make the surfing of customers and their research of your website completely comfortable.

So, Which Hosting Provider Is Good?

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After we explained everything, it is not difficult to understand that dedicated servers are a much better choice compared to the share services. Of course, shared hosting can also be good in case you truly do not have a lot of visitors on daily basis. Don’t neglect that option if money is one of the problems that you struggle with.

You can easily determine which hosting provider is good. Just check the reviews on Google, find out more about their history, and explore which guarantees they provide.

If you need additional help, then our piece of advice may help. For those that are looking for a fast host login, we suggest they check out Brixly. Put into consideration all the factors we mentioned in this article and confirm alone that our recommendation is correct.