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How To Start A Screen Printing Side Hustle & Keep Your Day Job

Once you step into the world of running your screen printing side hustle, you will begin searching for various ways to strike the right balance between your work and your passion. It’s a normal thing for anyone who is trying to take steps towards things that they like. So, the first thing is that you are one in this process.

You will spot various side hustlers who climbed their way to success by understanding their job requirements and side hustle requirements. And once you begin working on the path of excellence, the profits will follow. But, it does not stay dreamy all the while. It would help if you were consistent with your efforts and also ensure that you set the right setup for the time, space, and, especially, your budget.

Here are some ways to pursue your business while managing things correctly at your day job.

Day Division Based On The Requirements

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So, the basic rule of carrying your day job and your side screen printing business together is to divide your day. It is a long day; after excluding your basics, you still have 12-13 hours of dedication to your job and business. Initially, it might get difficult for you to dedicate more time to your business. It is fine, but gradually, you should get the right balance based on the growth goals and opportunities.

For instance, you can spend the first half of your day catering to your professional commitments and focus on securing the screen printing supplies for your screen printing business in the second half of the day. When you get a hand with proper management, you can add more things to your basket.

Setting Priorities And Deadlines

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On some days, you will have a few deliverables at work. On the other hand, there can be days when you need more things to do at the end of your screen printing business. That’s when you can cover the backlogs of the pending things. Also, you can utilize your breaks and free time to plan your things at both ends to set clear priorities and deadlines.

There can be days when you need to prioritize your job; on some days, your business will need your effort and attention like no other. Hence, you should understand the time requirements and act accordingly. When you write the deadlines down, you are in a better position to work on the deliverables and focus on the same. It is the best way to maintain the quality of the work and not hamper one thing at the cost of another.

Know, Check, And Manage Your Finances

If you are rendering your services to an organization in the form of an employee or you are beginning your business, finances are something that needs proper management and planning. It would help if you considered the things you need to focus on while planning your finances.

The finances should revolve around the way you want to build your brand. The entrepreneurial nature of the screen printing business means that you are focusing on printing concerns of all sizes and types. The finances will revolve around your business. The day job does not need management, as you will get the calculated amount by the end of the month. But, while investing or diverting the funds for your business, you must prepare a strategy and implement it at various stages. Also, it would help if you opted for savings that can work as future investments.

Figuring The Initial Working

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The initial business stage means you must sustain your business and its expenses. Also, if you are hiring employees, you should focus on developing a fruitful team that will help increase your business’s efficiency and profitability. Also, while working on the initial steps, you should focus on the costs that will help you keep the business running at the initial stage.

There are various factors that you need to consider while doing it. Be it the location of your business outlet or the kinds of garments that you are printing and dealing with, and there are many things that you need to focus. You need to understand and consider that there are many fixed costs in your business. Some common ones are as follows:

  • Labor in the form of your experienced and inexperienced capital
  • Payments related to rent and mortgage
  • The garment supplies
  • Supplies of essential equipment

All these things are more important if you plan to go for custom printing. But, in that case, the revenues and profit figures will differ even if you keep the fixed costs the same. Maintenance is a big challenge, one of the main reasons why many screen printing businesses fail to establish themselves within the first five years of rendering the operations.

Choosing The Right Space For Your Business

While working, you have limited time to devote to your business. Hence, it would help to consider this factor while choosing the right space for your business. You should consider the space that is near to your home or your work location so that you save travel time. Also, you should see whether you want to rent or buy a space. The suggestion is to start with a small rented space and move to a bigger one when you see better business operations, demand, and profitability.

The gig for you is that you should spend 30% or less of the total estimated revenue in securing the right space for your business.

Securing Raw Material And The Right Equipment

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Kickstarting your screen printing business requires making some initial investment in the form of raw materials and the equipment to get your hands on the final products. You have the option of investing in starter kits or individual equipment. But quality is something that you should always strive for. You might get deals that offer great discounts, but they are infamous as the ones offering these kits to you might need a bleak idea of screen printing. Hence, it would help if you did proper research before buying.


Nothing can stop you if you are passionate about keeping your side screen printing business running. It would help if you focused on taking one step at a time, and that’s how you can seamlessly manage your day job and side hustle. It is one’s talent that keeps a person going, and hence, there is nothing that can hold you back.