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What Works For Instagram Promotion In 2024 And What Doesn’t: The Main Do’s And Don’ts For A Business Page You Need To Know

What works for Instagram promotion in 2024 and what doesn’t: the main do’s and don’ts for a business page you need to know If you have a brand, a company or a venue, a place where you show certain services that you want to promote, there is no better place than social media. Today social media has become the main stronghold of those people who have lost faith in any other advertising (the fact is, it no longer works) and want to get good results and an influx of audience and customers as quickly as possible.

Working at Viplikes, we know better than anyone how effective your work in social networks can be – but one condition should be met. So that the results are not long in coming and the money is not wasted, you should know a few important do’s and don’ts before you start your journey. In this text, we will analyze the main points and give you some tips on what to do on Instagram, and what has long lost its meaning, and we will reveal the main secret: how to gain a large audience from scratch without huge expenditure of effort and time.

What doesn’t work

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You’ve probably heard about activity chats and various other free ways to increase the activity of your profile. Well, we want to disappoint you – none of this (except for the competent use of hashtags), does not work. Unfortunately, today all the “gray” methods will only bring you losses and damage to your reputation if someone can catch you in this. Do not waste your time on this way of promotion, if you do not want to spend twice as much time and effort later to fix what is broken.

The fact is that the algorithms of social networks have learned to distinguish very clearly in which situations a page interacts exclusively with fake accounts (or accounts of the same brands and service makers), and in which cases it is really interesting to an organic audience. If your profile is caught in something like this, your reputation will be destroyed, and statistics will stop growing – your account will get into a shadow ban, from which it is very difficult to get out later.

What works when used right

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Have you heard about third-party paid services? Yes, these are the ones that allow you to buy any number of subscribers or comments for your social media pages. Well: they work. And they can be a key link to your success if you use them correctly. Indeed, many people are afraid of something like this, because they have heard that companies send fake and bots to people instead of real subs (we have already explained why this is bad). But if you find a company that can be responsible for the quality of its services, then you can change the situation for the better for your account in the most dramatic way – the influx of real subscribers, likes and comments will make your statistics bloom.

Of course, such a search would take some time: but you are lucky to read this text. The link at the beginning of it will take you to the website of the company, which has taken it as a principle to sell only 100% organic and real subscribers, likes, comments and anything else for development in social networks, including Instagram. If you already know what exactly you need, go ahead and act!

Why paid promo services are necessary

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You could spend a huge amount of time and effort to find everything you need on your own – but in fact, in current realities it is almost impossible. Instagram has changed because the people in it have changed: no one has time to evaluate content and pages just like that, people are either looking for something specific, or subscribe to those people who are close and interesting to them. There are no exceptions; that is why paid services are needed. To bridge the gap between newcomers with empty pages and average profiles who have already managed to gather some audience. You need to get into the middle league to get to the very top, and paid subs and likes can become your social lift.

What else might help

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These methods are not all that can help you. In fact, paid services are something like a booster that will help you overcome a start or a difficult place, but the main key to success lies solely in your efforts and the ability to spend a lot of time online to communicate with the audience and potential customers. You can also collaborate with various other brands, collaborate with bloggers, participate in various offline events and try to create engaging content for your audience every day. It may seem like a difficult job (it is), but unfortunately social networks have long ceased to be something easy and entertaining. If you don’t have time for such things, you can hire specialists – for example, the Instagram profile manager can do all this for you and organize the purchase of likes and subs too.

I would like to pay special attention to engaging content: if you are a brand that sells something physical, you definitely need to arrange contests with drawings of your products, gifts to “every thousandth subscriber” and so on. If your product is good, all the friends of the winner will know about it, which means that in this way you will be able to attract people to you from offline. Try to come up with something that you could give away regularly, while not greatly harming your financial situation within the brand.


So, now you know what is worth doing and what is not, and how it can affect the development of your profile. Remember that today free methods other than classic hashtags do not work, and that you really have to be ready to invest some amount of money to be able to gain the initial base audience.

Don’t get fooled by almost free low-quality services, it will turn out badly for your account. Plan everything a few steps ahead and do not chase the quantity at once – paid promotion should be similar to the natural growth process so that your reputation does not suffer either. Find ways to collaborate with other Insta profiles and entertain your audience daily, organize giveaways and contests to keep them on the edges of their seats. If you don’t have time for that – hire a specialist; they will do everything for you while you will be able to relax and concentrate on your business.