Isabella Avila – Onlyjayus Height, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth

Isabella Avila is a famous TikToker with above one million followers. She has a huge fan following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media sites. Aside from application software, she is recognized as a model and influencer and has appeared in many campaigns, advertisements, shows, and series.

Continue reading to know about Isabella Avila – OnlyJayus height, age, boyfriend, biography, wiki, net worth, and so forth!

Isabella Avila – OnlyJayus Height, Age, Boyfriend, Biography, Wiki, Net Worth


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Објава коју дели Bella Avila (@onlyjayus)

If you are a fan of Isabella Avila, you must have known her by the “OnlyJayus” title as that’s her identity on all social media platforms. While Isabella is her real name. Isabella Avila was born in Las Vegas, the USA on 12th April 1999. She is a 23 years old young model, social media influencer, and content creator with a successful career at this age. Let’s roll onto her family and how she started her career.

Isabella Avila’s Family

Isabella got fame after her TikTok videos, so she doesn’t appear much in interviews, social campaigns, TV shows, and more where actors usually uncover their struggles, family information, and more.

That’s probably the reason why the story of Isabella Avila’s family and relationships is still untold. Through resources it is confirmed that Isabella Avila has three siblings: Ania Avila, Jaidyn Avila, and Olivia Avila respectively.

Isabella Avila’s Boyfriend


Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram


Објава коју дели Bella Avila (@onlyjayus)

Over that, celebrities these days try to keep their personal information hidden, maybe to avoid rumors and for privacy concerns. But, in today’s world of social media, it is nearly impossible for celebs to hide something entirely. Therefore, some sources uncovered that the boyfriend’s name Isabella is Mattie Westbrook.

Isabella Avila’s Career

Isabella Avila started her career as a model at a very young age but later started making videos on TikTok. TikTok is a popular video streaming application where you can create, edit and save short videos to gain views and followers. When you cross a certain amount of followers on your account, you start making money from that. Isabella’s account has reached almost thirteen million followers.

When she became famous on TikTok, she created a profile on Instagram and Youtube as well, and both of her accounts have reached a million followers now. Most of her content is related to psychology to create awareness among youth, and advertisements for certain products. People also get inspired by her lifestyle and fashion-oriented videos, especially girls.

Additionally, Isabella Avila has also posted content related to arts and science for her fans which crossed millions of views. There is no doubt that she is a super talented TikTok and social media influencer whose videos get viral in no time. The first video that is known as a source of her fame on TikTok was her applying a ceiling on a car. Viewers absolutely love that video and started following her after that!

Fame is the one side of the story, and we all know that every story has a bad side too! Isabella has faced huge racism on her journey, especially after 2020, and also got banned by TikTok due to the demand of many active users on media.

That was the turning point of her career, though, Isabella tackled the situation smoothly and got back her fame by posting appreciable content without a break. No matter what happens, effort and constant struggle always pay off!

In my opinion, the public doesn’t know celebrities in person, right? So all we have is your content on the basis of which we create your image and scenarios in our mind. Hence, if a celebrity like Isabella Avila continues to struggle and make content, he or she will combat racism and hate speech successfully.


What is OnlyJayus Netflix?

Netflix is the biggest video streaming application where you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and more. OnlyJayus Netflix refers to a podcast which is hosted by Isabella Avila where she answers all your queries related to upcoming Netflix content.

What is the net worth of Isabella Avila aka OnlyJayus?

The net worth of Isabella ranges from 1,00,000 to 1,500,000 from all sources like social media sites, businesses, and more. That is proof of her successful career!

Who is Isabella Avila’s boyfriend?

Isabella is an introverted personality but in today’s world of social media, it is nearly impossible for celebs to hide something entirely. Therefore, some sources uncovered that the boyfriend’s name Isabella is Mattie Westbrouck.


That’s all folks! I have uncovered Isabella Avila aka OnlyJayus’ family information, relationships, career, and net worth. Though there are many things that are still hidden from the eyes of reporters because social media influencers appear rarely on live shows and interviews. Likewise, Isabella hasn’t shared much about her life journey and we respect privacy!