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Will There Be Interstellar 2?- Everything We Know So Far!

Interstellar made quite a bang at the Box Office when it was released. Released in 2014, the movie has won many awards as well as the hearts of the viewers, which raises the question, ‘will there be interstellar 2?’ Even though we do not have a conclusive answer to this question, there is still hope for a sequel.

The ending of Interstellar was the major reason fans around the globe have been hoping for a sequel to the amazing movie. The chances of a sequel are thin, but not zero. So, in the article below we have shared everything that we know so far about the sequel of Interstellar.

Will There Be Interstellar 2?- Everything We Know So Far!


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Interstellar showed a huge win in terms of money as well as fan-based. Around the globe, there are millions of fans of this movie, who, like us, simply can not have enough of this movie. The plot of Interstellar was amazing, and the direction and the visuals of the movie were remarkable. This is why this movie won many awards, including an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. The plot of the movie revolved around a group of astronauts that were trying to find a habitable planet for the human race.

As most movies by Christopher Nolan go, Interstellar also had many twists and turns that had the viewers pinned to the edges of their seats. There were deaths involved that had every viewer holding their breath. Since the movie revolved around time travel, and outer space, the angst of the viewers is understandable. The movie earned almost $678 million at the box office, which was a huge win.

Interstellar Ending

Even though like all of his other creations, Christoper Nolan pretty much tied all loose ends in Interstellar 1, there were still some things that had viewers hoping for a part 2 of the movie. The most common scene which has all the viewers around the globe pinning for a sequel was the ending of the movie. Cooper finally met his daughter, who was on her deathbed. Murphy (Cooper’s daughter) urged him to go and see Amelia who was on another planet.

After this scene, the movie shows Cooper taking a spacecraft to go and find Amelia Brand. Amelia Brand was on another planet which was called Edmund’s planet. She was colonizing the planet, and the ending clearly showed Cooper heading out into the wormhole with his robot to find her.

Chances Of Interstellar 2

While every viewer around the world has been hoping for a sequel to the blockbuster Interstellar, there is no confirmed news from Christopher Nolan, about a sequel. There have been rumors that the sequel of Interstellar is currently under production by Warner Brothers. In addition to that, it is also being said on the internet that Warner Brothers are trying to get Christopher Nolan on board for the making of Interstellar 2. However, the chances of that happening are quite slim.

Will There Be A Sequel?

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As the first Interstellar was written as well as directed by Christopher Nolan himself, the Warner Brothers are hoping that he can write and direct the sequel as well. However, every fan of Christopher Nolan is aware that he does not do sequels. Apart from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Christopher Nolan has not done any other sequels. He likes to tie all ends in a single movie. Moreover, as amazing as his writing and directing skills are, he always gives a proper ending to every movie, without leaving any loose ends.

The same is the case with Interstellar. He gave the movie a proper ending, that showed an older version of Cooper reuniting with his daughter who is at a much older age. Murphy (Cooper’s daughter) is on her deathbed. When Cooper comes to meet her, she informs him about Amelia Brand. The entire plot of the movie showed chemistry between Cooper and Amelia, which had fans pinning for the couple. But, under some circumstances, the two separated from each other.

The fans were quite disappointed to not see the two lead characters back together. However, the ending did give a gist that the two will be together when Cooper goes out into the wormhole to find Amelia. If there is ever to be a sequel to Interstellar, it is probably going to pick the story from where the first part ended. The second part is likely to start from the journey of Cooper in finding Amelia who is on Edmund’s planet.

There are also many other plotlines that the sequel can revolve around. For instance, they can show the journey of Amelia in colonizing Edmund’s planet while Cooper is trying to find her. The plotlines for Interstellar 2 are countless. However, for the final call, we have to look at none other than the director of the original film himself. At the end of the day, all of these plotlines are out of our own imagination, and fan-based theories, as there is no confirmed news from Christopher Nolan himself.

The director of the first movie has been very tight-lipped about the sequel. So, we still do not know for sure if there is going to be a sequel or not. Even though Christopher Nolan is not known for making sequels, the first movie showed a huge win. So, it may lead to the production of the second movie.


Interstellar was a huge hit thanks to the plot and the amazing production and the visuals. However, as far as the sequel goes, there is no confirmed news from the director of the first film i.e., Christopher Nolan. Like every other fan around the globe, we are also hoping to see Interstellar 2 in theaters. But at the end of the day, if Christopher Nolan does not decide to go ahead with the making of the sequel, there is not much we can do. So, let’s just hope he decides to come aboard the plan of making Interstellar 2.