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James Rodriguez’s Ex-Wife Reveals Why She Split With Him After 6 Years Marriage

The life of footballers outside football sometimes might not be as perfect as many may think. It is believed that because they earn big, all their problems are solved with that, it has now shown that some do face what many individuals face in their daily lives. From family issues to depression to many others.

The case of James Rodriguez’s ex-wife is a classic example. The 2014 world cup break out star has been facing family issues with many not aware of what he goes through. James is married to former Arsenal goalkeeper, David Ospina’s sister, Daniela Ospina. The couple has been together for six years before finally going their separate ways.

It must have been a very tough decision to make for both parties as divorce is always a thing that takes time to conclude. Starting from the fact that James has been having issues with Real Madrid ever since joining and not getting enough game time to facing family problems, his performance level will have dropped and many won’t know why the way the superstar plays is not on the level they saw some years ago when he wowed the world at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 

Going deep into why James Rodriguez’ ex-wife had to leave him, many believe that there are some untold stories that are unknown to the public that whatever has been said is just to manage the situation. It all started when James was finding it difficult to break into Real Madrid’s first team that he couldn’t make the bench for the Champions League Final in 2017 and had to find himself another club, on loan, at least to get himself back in good contention for first-team football.

Bayern Munich was ready to take him and he had to move to Germany. It was a no brainer for someone who has struggled to make the first team to now see another top team of equal strength as his parent club to want him on loaned and not accept the move.

It was going to be a clean slate for him. An opportunity to start afresh and show the world that he is still as good as the player known in 2014. He was never going to miss that opportunity as a professional footballer. This didn’t go down well with his then-wife who wanted him to stay back in Spain.


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This was the beginning of their problem as reported in many media outlets. After some time, the wife came out and affirm this reason for splitting up with the star. The couple who had a daughter together knew that going their separate ways will have an effect on their daughter had to take their time before all of this could be finalized. Daniela has been mature about her comments ever since the separation and haven’t said anything bad about her ex-husband. In her words, she said,

“I did not want to travel to Germany because I wanted to continue as an entrepreneur in Colombia and Spain.

“It was obviously difficult and sad, but thanks to God we have managed it with a lot of maturity and calmness. “We only want to protect our child because when we decided to have her, we knew it was a lifelong responsibility.”

Having to raise a child in a divorced home can be very difficult to do especially when you are trying as much as possible not to give the child any sense of feeling that either parent will not be present every time. Everyone wants their child to grow up in an environment where family love, bond, and connection can be felt easily.

With the couple separated, it will be difficult achieving this especially when one of the parents is a footballer finding his ground across European football. The divorce had to happen but they know they will have to find a way to give their daughter the best of upbringing that they can possibly give. 

For many, it is still surprising to believe that they separated because the wife doesn’t want to move to Germany when he was on loan at Bayern Munich. It seems odd because being in love with a footballer should come with some of the travel around the world. Footballers have their careers on the go and can easily switch clubs when a better offer comes.

It is also understandable for her to believe that when he got the Madrid move, there were not going to be any other bigger club than that, hence the sense of relaxation that she could settle down in Spain but when things weren’t going his way, he had to find a way to get himself a club so that he can get regular playing time.


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No one should begrudge a player that wants to protect his career rather than just rot on the bench and when his contract expires, his market value drops, and will find it difficult getting another club to sign him. So the line that Daniela Ospina couldn’t move to Germany with her was the reason they separated as being told by her is not what many believed.

There were other unconfirmed stories about their reasons for divorce. Obviously James Rodriguez’s Ex-wife wasn’t going to tell the public everything about her reason for leaving someone she has been with for the last six years. 

There is a model that has been photographed with James before and there seems to be an affair going on between them which could have triggered the wife and seek a divorce. It was reported that James was having an affair with this model called Helga Lovekaty.

Both were close but neither ever admitted if there was something personal going on. Daniela was obviously questioned about the relationship between James and Helga and she said, “She is not to blame for the situations that have occurred between us.” This definitely sends a message that she was aware of something going on between her then-husband and the model but wouldn’t want to attribute their divorce to that.

Now that they are separated, it is unknown if James is willing to come out admit if something is going on between him and Helga Lovekaty. Whatever decision he made about his personal life has to be something he knows will not put jeopardy to his football career as he still struggles for playing time after returning from his loan at Bayern Munich as the German outfit refuse to either extend the loan deal or buy him.