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What To Expect From The Next Premier League Season

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, last season’s premier league was the first in history to be put on hold. Naturally, supporters, footballers, and managers were disappointed by the news. But as footballers were falling ill and the virus spread, the premier league games paused on 13th March 2024 to protect teams and their fans.

With the COVID situation steadily improving over recent months, fans, clubs, and casinos such as Royal Vegas celebrated the Premier Leagues’ return in June! And now the next season is expected to launch in September 2024.

To bring you up to speed, below is a summary of what happened last season, and an overview of what’s to come.

2019/2020 Premier League Recap

Premier League Winner

Liverpool F.C. won the premier league. Their performance dominated each game, and they finished with a record 99 points.

Relegation Battle

The most gripping part of the season was the relegation battle between Bournemouth, Aston Villa, West Ham, and Watford. All were competing to keep their position in the league. Unfortunately, Bournemouth, Watford, and Norwich relegated to the championship league.

Norwich’s defeat was coined halfway through the season. And so, the real competition was between Bournemouth, Watford and Aston Villa. With Villa beating Arsenal the week before the end of the tournament, and Watford losing to Manchester City, Aston Villa maintained their position in the league with just one point more than Watford.

Top Premier League Newcomer

Newcomer, Sheffield United, entered the league alongside Aston Villa and Norwich. However, the blades earned a position in the top half of the league table because of their fantastic performance. Well done Sheffield United!

2020/21 Premier League: What To Expect

The Premier League is preparing to kick off on 12th September 2024 and finish the 23rd of May 2024.

Premier League Expected Team Performance

With Wolves, Tottenham, and Arsenal climbing the ranks in the league; all teams shall inevitably bring their A-game to the field in pursuit of gaining eligibility for the next UEFA Europa League.

However, Arsenal was the worst-performing team in the history of the Premier league. And so it’s likely they’ll need to bring in a new goalscorer alongside Abiyu if they want to qualify for Europa and turn their past performance around.

Teams such as West Ham and Aston Villa demonstrated a dire defensive record in the last competition. With that, they may add some new strikers and defenders to the team, to enhance their performance next season. However, with current low budgets for players due to COVID-19, funding new top-performing players could prove difficult for these teams.

Newcomers West Bromwich and Leeds United shall bring fresh blood to the league. With Leeds United being out of the league for 16 years, they will inevitably be fighting to keep their earned position and climb the league table.

New Football Law

Due to a risk that some players could be exposed to COVID, IFAB is granting a new football law. Allowing each league and tournament to approve five substitutes per team. The Premier League is still in discussion about the new law.

Stadiums May Reopen to The Public

Hopeful fans can look forward to attending premier league games from 1st October 2024. However, there will be limited tickets on sale and new social distancing rules to follow.

In anticipation of the upcoming premier league’s new season, it’s hoped the rivalry and games won’t be interrupted and postponed like they were this year. With the support of a new football law from IFAB to add substitutes to teams, and fans adhering to social distancing rules in October, let’s hope the season shall run its full course.