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Norton vs. Avast – Get the Right Antivirus Software for your Devices

If you know about antivirus software, you have probably heard of Norton.  It’s been around for a long time and is known as one of the best antivirus software services on the market.  How does it compare to its competitors?  When it comes to Avast, is Norton 360 better or worse?  Good thing we are here to answer all of your questions.  We’ll go through the essential elements of antivirus software and then compare Norton 360 to Avast.  In the end, we’ll make sure that your device is covered from lurkers who want to steal your information.  We don’t have any time for them.

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Antivirus Software – Important Factors to Consider

When it comes to protecting your computer, you cannot slack.  From pictures of your family to your financials, you need to keep it under lock and key.  The beauty of antivirus software is that it protects your computer in more ways than one.  Let’s look at the critical factors that you need to consider when purchasing the correct antivirus software for your computer.

Computer Protection

Yes, antivirus software will protect you from computer viruses, but is that all of the protection that you need?  The answer is no.  You need more than just virus protection.  You need a service that will protect your computer from malware, ransomware, adware, and spyware.  Protection from all of the “ware’s.”  On top of that, you want protection from phishing, spam, and pharming from websites.  Great antivirus software will scan websites for you to ensure there aren’t hackers lurking in the background, ready to pounce through an ad or other invalid web link.

Remove Unwanted Malware

Let’s be honest.  Even with fantastic software like Norton and Avast, malware still gets through sometimes.  That’s why it’s vital for your antivirus software to notice the malware and remove it ASAP.  Make sure your service will find the malware and quarantine it and then remove it.  Preventing the spread of malware is essential.

Preventative Measures

What is your antivirus service doing to prevent viruses, malware, and all of the other awful things that compromise your security?  It must scan all files for malware before opening them.  Not only that, the service should scan your entire computer either on your command or on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure nothing has gotten in through the cracks.  Finally, the websites you visit should be secure.  An excellent way to find out is to have antivirus software that scans the website before you enter.  If there is an issue, it immediately lets you know there is an issue.  Think of your antivirus software as your bodyguard.  It wants to protect you even from yourself sometimes.


Always ensure that your antivirus software is compatible with your computer’s operating system.  There is nothing worse than purchasing something and then realizing it’s not going to work with your system, whether Mac, OS, Windows, Android, etc.  Read the fine print and get the details before purchasing.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Antivirus software that isn’t finding 95% of the issues that arise, isn’t worth it.  Not only does it always need to find them, but it also should be able to efficiently depose of viruses, malware, and anything else that tries to wreak havoc on your network.  With that said, you should not notice a significant decrease in your computer’s speed.  Antivirus software that slows you down to a snail’s pace isn’t beneficial at all.

User-Friendly and Added Features

We all like things that are self-explanatory and user-friendly.  It shouldn’t take you hours and hours to figure out how to protect your computer.  Automatic updates of the product are essential so that you don’t have to go searching for the latest updates on your own.  Also, we all like additional features.  Some features like VPN, password manager, multilayered web protection, system optimization, wifi protection, leak protecting, number of devices protected, price, free versions, and quality customer support make for a happy customer.  While these features are extras, they might make the difference in a hacker being successful or not.  

1. Norton 360 

You know that person that is super beautiful,, and when they walk in the room, everyone turns and looks?  Yeah, Norton 360 is the antivirus equivalent of that. 

It is one of the most popular antivirus software packages available and with good reason.  There are multiple options to choose from for maximum Norton security.  Let’s break it down.

Norton 360 Standard Option

Norton protects one device with the standard option.  You receive anti-spyware, antivirus, ransomware, and malware protection,, as well as online threat protection.  With a 10GB cloud backup, password manager, and smart firewall, Norton is there to ensure no one steals your information.  It comes with a secure VPN for one device, a PC safe cam, and dark web monitoring.  Norton 360 has a 100% virus protection promise with all those features because it knows it will catch predators and dispose of them quickly.  This standard option runs at $29.99 for the first year and then $84.99 every year after that.  A great deal for promised protection.

Norton 360 Deluxe Option

A step up from the Standard option, the Deluxe offers all of the protection we mentioned above with some excellent added features.  Instead of just one device, you are now protected on up to five devices.  The cloud backup is now 50GB instead of just 10.  We all need parental control options no matter what our kid’s ages are and a school time feature.  Both are available with Norton.  It also offers a secure VPN for up to 5 devices with the Deluxe option and a privacy monitor.  The cost is $39.99 for the first year and $104.99 for every additional year.  

Norton 360 and Lifelock Option

If you want extra security for identity theft protection, then this is the option for you.  Get all of the features from the other two Norton options and then so much more.  Link the antivirus and VPN services to five devices and increase your cloud backup to 100GB.  Also, get the Lifelock identity alert system so you are notified if anyone tries to create an account in your name.  Lifelock also monitors your credit and will send you SSN and credit alerts.  If there is a data breach, Lifelock will let you know and help you keep your identity safe.  For this option, it’s $69.99 for the first year and then $149.99 every year after that.  This is a excellent price for two of the very best antivirus and identity protection services.


  • VPN is included
  • Cloud storage included
  • Parental controls included
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
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2. Avast

The Norton vs. Avast battle is heating up and now it’s time for Avast to show off its features.  For one thing, Avast offers a free version of their software and it has higher ratings than the free version of Bitdefender, another popular competitor. 

Avast has a lot of the same features as Norton.  It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.  It comes with a password manager, advanced firewall, antispam software, webcam shield, website safety check, and more.  Avast has high level security when it comes to malware protection too.  There are several different subscriptions that you can choose from similar to Norton antivirus software.  Let’s go through the different options and what they offer.

Avast Free Version

Free!  We all love a free option and in the Avast vs. Norton debate, we have to give this win to Avast.  With the free version, you get virus, ransomware, and malware protection on your computer.  While there are no advanced features offered, it’s nice to know that at no cost, you still have some security on your computer.

Avast Premium Security

Block all of the “ware’s” with this option, but also get so many additional features.  Help protect your wifi with additional network security.  Avoid fake websites and phishing.  Protect your computer from remote access attacks.  Reap all of these benefits on up to ten devices.  The Avast Premium Security subscription cost $49.99 for the first year and $89.99 every year after.  

Avast Ultimate Security

They always say go big or go home, so why not go ultimate?  With this plan, you get all of the features we have already described.  We did say it was ultimate though so there’s definitely more to offer.  This package has the Avast Secureline VPN included for up to ten devices.  A Cleanup Premium works to clean and tune up your PC.  It’s like an oil change for your computer.  The Anti-track option secures your identity while online so hackers can’t find you.  At $59.99 for the first year and $119.99 for every year after, this is a great deal for antivirus and VPN software all rolled into one package.


  • The interface is easy to use and navigate
  • Excellent protection against viruses
  • Seamless and efficient
  • Fixes problems and attacks quickly
  • Great for multiple devices


  • Constant software updates being pushed
  • Lots of advertisements to upgrade
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Norton vs. Avast – The Winner is?

It was a tough race, but our winner, Norton 360, gives you a better performance for your money.  While Avast does offer a free version, Norton’s ability to stop viruses, malware, ransomeware, and everything in between surpasses Avast’s abilities.  Norton’s standard option gives you access to dark web monitoring and a VPN.  With Avast, you have to get the ultimate package to receive the VPN feature. 

Norton has a ton of competitors on the market in addition to Avast like Bitdefender, McAfee, and Kaspersky.  While those are popular, Norton’s features and abilities to lockdown your computer from predators far outweighs anyone else.  Plus, they even give you the option to lockdown identity thief.  That is something Avast doesn’t offer.  While Avast put up a good fight, our winner, Norton, just brings it home with the most protection with a guarantee to back it up.  It’s time to show the hackers who is the boss.  Norton for the win!