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Who is the Richest Football Coach in 2024?

In the game of football, so much attention is focused on how much the players earn. Very few fans talk about the managers that coaching these players. It may surprise many to know that some of these coaches are richer than a number of our favorite football stars.  So some fans may want to know who is the richest football coach in 2024? The answer to that is Jose Mourinho.

However, we will find more details here and much more information will be provided more than just what they earn but also what other top coaches earn.

Jose Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho is one of the most decorated coaches in the game in terms of trophies he has won as a coach. The Portuguese is rated as the richest coach in 2024 with a net worth estimated to be around $100m. Despite being out of a job for most of the year before joining Tottenham in November, Mourinho is one of the highest-paid coaches in world football.

He has found a way to negotiate the best contract for himself wherever he goes. He became one of the highest-paid, if not the highest-paid coach whenever he gets a new job at any club.

According to the Daily Mail, he will be earning £15m a year with the contract he signed at Tottenham, this is almost double what the club paid former manager, Mauricio Pochettino but less than what Mourinho earn at Manchester United where he earns £18m every year. He is currently the second-highest-paid manager in the league behind Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

Zinedine Zidane

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The Real Madrid manager has the tag of the manager to have won three straight Champions League, a record that will stay for a very long time. Zidane popularly known as Zizuo is one of the richest coaches in the world because he was able to gather a good amount of wealth in his playing career.

Coming into a managerial career made his net worth skyrocket again. He is estimated to be worth over $70m.

His current salary at Real Madrid is reported by Spanish media to be around €12m or $13.3m. This is smaller than what other top clubs in the league like Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone who pockets €24m yearly but it is a pay increase compared to what he earns in his first stint as the club manager.

His last pay rise in his first stint at the club made him €7.5m a year. Zidane’s salary is small compared to other elite coaches because of his low experience.

As he progresses, he can have the bargaining power to request higher pay which he can easily get and even earn more than some of these other managers. A good result on the field of play means more money for him.

Real Madrid are currently joint top with Barcelona on the La Liga table after both played 15 games each. So there is still more to be achieved this season and Zizuo could be on the verge of leaving Real Madrid to another league title.

Carlo Ancelotti

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Carlo Ancelotti is the longest-serving manager that made this list of the richest football coaches in 2024. The Napoli coach has been in the game for so long that he has managed across all top five leagues in Europe. Ancelotti’s net worth has been calculated to be around $50m.

The 60-year-old coach has been expected to be worth more than that based on his longevity in the game. Popular for his spell at every club he has managed for one thing or the other.

During his reign in Italy where he started his managerial career, he managed Juventus and won the Serie-A title there and proceed to AC Milan and also won the Champions League. His move to England will be remembered for being the only manager that has won both the league and FA Cup for the club in one season, doing so in his first season. He currently earns €6m a year at Napoli.

Arsene Wenger

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Despite leaving Arsenal, Arsene Wenger is still one of the richest coaches in the world. This is partly due to his time at Arsenal where he spent 22 years at the club. The French man who currently works with FIFA has his estimated net worth to be $48m. He was touted to become the next Bayern Munich manager after the German club sacked Niko Kovac.

He eventually took the FIFA job but has not ruled out returning to the game in the future. Wenger was famous for his invincible season at Arsenal where the club went 49 games unbeaten and won the league title in the process in 2004.

Pep Guardiola

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A list of the riches football coaches in 2024 can’t be complete without the name of the highest-paid coach in England. The Manchester City manager estimated worth is calculated to be around $40m. This is easily calculated as he earns £20m a year at City that makes him the highest paid coach in any club in Europe. Guardiola’s wealth of experience as a manager has played a major role in helping him get the best paying job across Europe.

Starting his coaching career at Barcelona youth team before his promotion to managing the senior team. This was where everyone discovered the genius from Spain and has been on the list of every club to bring him on to their clubs.

Pep Guardiola is popular for the title-winning mentality that he has instilled in every club he managed and the playing philosophy that has worked for him all through his career. He won two Champions League titles in Barcelona and has won the league titles at all the clubs he has managed.

He currently holds the record for the highest point to win a league in England when he won the league with 100 points in 2018. Guardiola is currently rumored to be on the list of coaches Barcelona may be looking at if Ernesto Valverde leaves the club. That will mean more money for Guardiola returning to where it all started.