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Ronaldo Nazario Net Worth 2024 – Bio, Salary, Career

Talking about one of football most gifted goal scorers, if not the biggest of the 19th century. We are talking about the great Nazario, Luiz De Lima Ronaldo. De Lima is a retired Brazilian professional footballer.

He dazzled the world at the tender age after winning the FIFA World Cup at age 17 in 1994. After his successful world-record transfer fee to Football Club Barcelona in the summer of 1996, Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth rose immediately, and the Brazilian young sensation started acquiring his fortunes.

Having played 98 matches for the Brazilian national team, he has scored 62 goals, and he became the all-time second-highest goal-scorers behind the Pele.

Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million according to a reliable source like Forbes. Nazario De Lima remains one of the most loved and appreciated footballers of all time. During his playing days, he inflicted terror on most defenders, very quick and phenomenal with the ball on his feet.

In which he was nicknamed, “El Phenomenal”. He became the youngest ever player to World player of the year after winning it at the tender age of 19.

His world-record move to Barcelona football club of Spain totally changed the fortunes of the legendary Brazilian.  He was not the New Pele or Maradona when he made the Barcelona move, but certainly, he made and maximize his immense gift and turned it to wealth.


After his world-record $20 million moves to Barcelona in 1996 from PSV, it was reported that he earned a whopping $4 million during his one and the only year with the Catalans.

He moved to Inter Milan at age 21 and became a soccer personal for the world’s most ubiquitous sports marketing icon at that tender age. That automatically turned him to the world’s most expensive football player with an estimated salary of $7 million annually after tax.

His uncanny ability to score goals really earned him his comparisons with history’s most famous soccer player, Pele.

His $27 million moves to Inter Milan and estimated $7 after the tax, was when Ronaldo Nazario’s net worth skyrocketed and where he started building his wealth massively.

He moved to Madrid in the summer of 2002 for a fee of $53 million he was paid $10 million annually.

The humble boy from cruzeiro, initially playing as a kid in a poor neighborhood, never thought he would have amazed huge net worth the would later go up to $150 million. That is quite staggering.


Elite companies like Nike, Adidas were flocking around the Brazilian legend while he was still active as a professional football player. But he later moved to help Nike improved its brand, by signing a $15 million deal annually in 1996 for ten years that will later total to $180 million.

That put him on the same league with Legendary NBA all-time player, Micheal Jordan, Micheal Johnson and the Golf Lord, Tiger Wood.

Having bet hundreds of millions of dollars that he and his Nike-backed and outfitted compatriots will leave swoosh marks all over the World Cup.

“We know for a fact that he is the most global of all athletes today, bar none,” said Joaquin Hidalgo, director of Nike’s Brazilian marketing unit.

He’s the star of a recently unveiled Nike television advertisement that features Brazilian national team players skilfully goofing around with a soccer ball to the rhythms of a classic samba tune while going through an airport — ostensibly on their way to France. Ronaldo has a slickly designed home page, with versions in Portuguese, Italian and in English.

When handed the telephone for an interview, he greeted a somewhat startled reporter in simple, informally personable Portuguese: “Sou eu, Ronaldo.” — “It’s me, Ronaldo.”

He also appeared in a series of Nike commercials and still, he is still linked to them even up until today. He was the reason behind the original Nike Mercurial R9 which was designed during the 1998 world cup.

Also, it was reported he owns a 45% stake at the 9ine Sports and Entertainment Agency. Going forward he acquired a minority stake in the Fort Lauderdale Strikers soccer team that plays in Northern n America Soccer league.

In 2017 it was also announced that Ronaldo De Lima would buy 51%stake for $45 million from Valladolid’s president, Carlos Suarez and he automatically becomes the clubs.

President. Everything has been pointing towards his net worth’s growth. Furthermore, Ronaldo has also put in a plan to redevelop the stadium and to make it even more modern with the addition of a large electronic screen and wifi. That project has already been given a budget.


Ronaldo De Lima owns two luxury mansions in Rio De Janerio. Also owns some of the expensive luxury cars like Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, and Mercedes Benz


Often in the spotlight of critics from nit being such a diligent and discipline trainer, always going to a party even when he was supposed to be training. The reason why so many football fans believe that was the main reason he was getting farter every day in his playing days


Ronaldo id highly regarded as one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the game and was named among the FIFA run down of the best living players arranged by the Legendary Pele in 2010. All his exploits on the field of play have now transformed into his wealthy life now.

Nazario is now ranked in number 5 on the list of ”The 20 Richest Soccer Players Time” by Forbes.

If Ronaldo keep this trail, he will definitely improve his net worth and also topples the list of the Richest players