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Does Testosterone Increase When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Nowadays, drinking alcohol has become a trend everywhere for every person. Many individuals are indulged occasionally or regularly. Sipping a few glasses once a year or month is okay with no severe effect on your health. But if you are drinking it regularly, then you might be compromising your sexual health.

It is okay to sip alcohol to become a part of society, but when it comes to your health, you need to pay attention to your routine. Men may experience several sexual issues if they are regular drinkers. They may not satisfy their partners in bed or become infertile.

It happens because of low levels of testosterone, and consuming alcohol can severely affect it. This write-up will explain whether the level of testosterone increases if you stop consuming alcohol. With minor changes in your lifestyle, you can improve your overall health.

Role of Testosterone in a Male Body

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Before knowing the severe effects of drinking hard beverages, you must know the role of testosterone in the male body. It is quite responsible for developing manly appearances like body hair, sexual hormones, organs, heavy voice, ability to become a father, increased height, etc. It also helps in boosting energy levels, refresh the mood, enhance the sex drive, etc.

The human body naturally produces this hormone, which is also in females in small amounts. But when you consume hard drinks, this hormone starts working abnormally. It can affect the overall functioning of sexual organs and show several side effects or health issues. Anyone who desires to know how alcohol lowers testosterone, then you can find it here.

Effects of Drinking Alcohol on the Testosterone

It is a must to understand the production of this hormone before knowing how it is affected by alcohol. The Pituitary gland, along with the hypothalamus, sends this hormone to the male’s sexual organ, the testes, and decides when it should produce this hormone.

In the male body, all the organs and hormones function properly without complicating anything. But when you consume alcohol, it can interfere with the brain’s connection with the testes. It can disrupt hormone production and affect your overall health. Three ways can be there to see the effects of alcohol on hormone production.

1. With time, the hormone level will reduce. In severe cases, production will stop, and a man will become infertile.
2. When you sip hard beverages, the molecules of oxygen can damage the cells in a man’s testes where it produces.
3. The ethanol production due to alcohol drinking results in the impairment of the enzyme that helps in secreting the hormone.

If a man drinks alcohol heavily, the hormone level will decrease with time. With time, a man can experience several health issues. Even after taking medicines, some problems cannot be solved. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it occasionally or stop it completely.

Signs to Check for Low Levels of Testosterone

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• Depression
• Increased weight
• Reduced sexual drive
• Lack of energy
• Infertility
Reduced muscle strength
• Weak bones
• Erectile dysfunction

What will Happen is You Stop Consuming Hard Drinks?

A human body tends to heal itself, but you must change your poor lifestyle. When it comes to consuming alcohol, it a habit that you must quit as quickly as possible. It may be challenging to leave such a habit, but you will see wonders once you change it. Indeed, it will take to see better results, but the testosterone levels will start coming to the natural levels.

With time, your body will remove toxins and build the same connection with the brain cells. But you must promise to avoid drinking again as you can lose the scope of the rise in the hormone level. Once you stop it, your body will heal slowly and automatically. Your sexual health will improve, and your fertility issue will resolve.

But these things are possible only when your body cells are not severely affected. You must give yourself some time for your body to heal itself and show better results. You can also track your progress and check whether the signs of low hormones are changing or not. It is better if you get the help of a physician or a consultant who can help you leave the alcohol habit.

Solutions for Heavy Alcohol Drinkers

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Many people have gone to the stage where they have started drinking alcohol too much. Their body has low levels of testosterone, and they experience severe health issues.

Replacement therapy for testosterone is considered quite effective and has better results. But initially, a man needs to stop consuming hard beverages to proceed further with this therapy.

It is observed that men with liver problems also have low levels of this hormone. But if a man cannot resist drinking, it can damage his liver. The therapy helps develop this hormone in the human body artificially to prevent many health issues.

But there is a condition that a man needs to stop drinking for successful therapy. Anyone willing for this therapy must change his drinking habits to reduce side effects and heal their body. It requires a lot of patience to see the positive results after the therapy is done by an experienced physician.

The Bottom Line

Many men suffer from low testosterone problems because they are heavy alcohol drinkers. It can severely affect a man’s health, so this poor habit must be stopped. Anyone conscious about his health must quit hard beverages to improve his sexual and overall health. It is crucial to know how the male body produces this hormone.

When you drink alcohol daily, your testosterone level starts reducing with time and causes severe problems. You must change your lifestyle to heal your body and increase it to the natural level. You must believe your body as it can heal itself. When you understand its effects, you will quit this habit and start consuming a healthy diet. Give your body enough time to heal after quitting this habit.