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Arsenal Vision – The Future Blueprint

Arsenal as a club has started a new pathway since the departure of Arsene Wenger. The French manager was the manager at the club for 22 years before finally leaving last summer. This has made things quite different at the club.

The arrival of Unai Emery also signifies that the management is prepared for a long period of rebuilding. The Arsenal vision for the current manager is to return the club back to the good old days when things are way much better than it was when Wenger was leaving.

Arsenal is at its ebb as at the point Wenger was leaving and it will definitely take huge and hard work from everyone to return the club to that level once again.

The decision to let Wenger go begin the Arsenal vision for the new phase. This was always going to be a difficult thing to do, regardless of the time he’s going to leave. However, the main issue at the club is returning it back to the zenith of English football.

Arsenal has not won the league title in 14 years and has only gotten to the UEFA Champions League final once in its history. Arsenal’s vision going forward have these things as its major agenda. Bringing in a coach like Unai Emery to take over was also considered as a very good option, based on his reputation of managing clubs in the Europa League.

Winning the second most prestigious European club competition three straight times with Sevilla wasn’t a small feat to overlook.

Emery’s reputation predates his arrival at Arsenal. Managing clubs with a low budget, bar PSG, and maintaining a relative level of competition was what swerve the Arsenal job in his favor. The Arsenal vision with his arrival now means that the club first wants him to return the team to a top-four.

Winning the Europa League, which he’s a specialist in is also a second route of making it back into the champions’ league, other than the top four. What has to be done to make this a reality is backing him financially to get the needed players to achieve this. The last transfer window saw five new arrivals at the club which three of the five getting gaming time. What is attainable with the current squad might be a long shot at the league title.

The way Emery set out his team to play and with the current Arsenal team, it is very evident that for Arsenal to win the league, it’s either more cash is splash that will be used to get players that will immediately feat into the system or be given at least three seasons to win the league.

Whatever decision the club made with Emery, it is certain that Arsenal’s vision for the next coming years is to take their place at the top of the league in England. Looking at the way other top six clubs in the country are going about their business, Arsenal’s vision will have to be at another level to match what is on the ground at clubs like City and Chelsea.