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Gareth Bale Wife – Emma Rhys-Jones

One-time footballer record transfer signing, Gareth Bale has been in a tough situation at Real Madrid as he struggles to get gaming time at the club. The Wales man has become surplus to requirement. We however will be looking at his personal life, especially his wife, and how it affects the footballer as a person. Gareth Bale’s wife Emma Rhys-Jones has been a partner that has supported her husband all through this tough period.

A dive into who really is Emma Rhys-Jones will give a good reason why she has been a supportive wife. The couple has been married for over a year but their love story dates back over two decades. It was a love story made in heaven that has stood the test of time right from when they started.

It all begun in high school as they attended the same high school. It was a typical high school love story that many always go their separate ways after they left school. Bale and Emma have however defied the odds and stayed together, through thick and thin, however, there were obviously some challenges. 

After being together for over a decade, the couple finally got engaged in 2016 and got married in 2019. This made their old friends from high school that this was truly a love story made in heaven as to many believe that they will not end up together, partly to Bale’s profession as a footballer that travels around the world.

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The whole wedding event was as secretive as possible as it was not known to the public. It was a closed event for only family and close friends as only 60 guests were invited to this secret wedding. The guests weren’t even aware there was going to be a wedding until night at the wedding.

Before they could process the thought about the wedding on the day, they were at the wedding and were told to submit their phones at the entrance to prevent anyone from leaking the private wedding. The list of guests was shocking to many whose names were not on the list which includes Emma Rhys-Jones’ grandparents, who were the ones that trained her.

The reason for a private wedding was not known to anyone but it has been discussed that an elaborate wedding will be done again this year in which every one of their friends and families will be invited. With the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic across the world, is unlikely that this happens again, at least for this year. 

After knowing how they met and their journey so far, it best to know about the personal life of Gareth Bale’s wife. Emma Rhys-Jones was born in Cardiff, Wales on July 29, 1991, which makes her just clocked 29. She is born into a family of five children comprising of three ladies and two boys.

She has an older sister called Charlotte Rhys-Jones, and a younger sister called Katie Rhys-Jones. She also has two twin brothers – Robert and John Rhys-Jones. Her growing up was rough because of the family she came from. There were several things not right about her family that could have negatively affected the upbringing but she survived it.

It was first her dad who had some court cases to sort out which led to him being jailed for 5 years for fraud-related offenses. Next was her grandparents who were involved in some drug feud in Cardiff in 2016. After a month of investigation, Emma Rhys-Jones’ aunt was arrested in relation to those drugs offenses as drugs, cash, and watches worth £1 million were found in their house. This was a tough thing to go through while growing up. This might have affected some of her decisions in life and play a part in her being a very secretive person.

Many searches on her on social media came back blank with only parody accounts created on her name.  A twitter account that was found has not been active since 2014 and can’t be so sure she still owns the account. Nothing is known about her income line, fashion style, or anything of such. That is known is related to her husband, Bale. It is even the same with Bale who hardly post their pictures together on his social media page. All that she cared about is training their kids rather than appear on social media.

There is so much energy Emma Rhys-Jones’ put in training the three kids they have. They have two girls and a boy. They had their first child in October 2012 while Bale was still at Tottenham and she was named Alba Violet Bale in October 2012. Bale and Jones became parents for the second time in 2016 when their second daughter was born – Nava Valentina Bale. On May 8, 2018, the couple welcomed their son – Axel Charles Bale. Gareth Bale’s wife has been fully focused on training the children and ensuring they have the best upbringing that they can possibly think of. 

Going by the information available about Gareth Bale’s wife, it is understandable why the couple finds it difficult to say much to the media about their private life. The move to Real Madrid gave more spotlight into the life of Emma Rhys-Jones than she would have expected but that is what comes with being the wife of a superstar.

The recent events at Real Madrid where Bales seems not wanted again have brought another discussion about why Bale might not want to leave Real Madrid with many linking it to family reasons.

It is unknown if the wife is kicking against him leaving Real Madrid but the fact remains no one in Bale’s position will walk away from the bumper salary Bale has to move to Major League Soccer in America or China when he can still stay two more seasons on the same pay and keep his family around. Moving to America or to the middle east will also affect his family as he will only spend limited time with them compared to now.