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Bulky Waste Disposal Guide For Business Owners: Things To Know

The wastes should be disposed of correctly when clearing company premises, a house, or a garden. If these are not disposed of properly, they will drastically affect the environment and wildlife.

Bulky waste comes under those items that will not fit into the usual trash can in the company. It could be furniture, bicycles, electrical appliances, windows, air conditioners, heaters, machine parts, oils, chemicals, false ceilings, doors, or even waste from the garden.

Bulky Waste Management Tips

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Companies should properly manage bulk wastes, which will reduce the environmental effect. With the help of proper management, these wastes get disposed of without contaminating mother earth. A few tips for bulk wastes management are,

Identification Of The Wastes

When planning to manage these wastes, the first thing that comes to mind is identifying these wastes. Do an audit of the company to know the types of leftovers generated, the quantity produced, and the departments responsible for creating them.

It will help an organization manage scrap properly. For example, if a particular leftover comes under medical wastes, wastewater, and so on, then contacting those disposal professionals will help address these wastes responsibly.

This audit will help in knowing which departments produce more scrap. Then taking suitable measures will help in reducing it.

Categorize The Wastes

Categorizing different types of scrap is an essential part of managing it. Differentiate it as hazardous, non-hazardous, electrical, vegetative, and so on. It will ensure its safe disposal.

Setup A Team For Waste Management

Setting up a management team is essential. Select a coordinator from them. It will ensure the strict disposal of wastes.

Check Existing Methods Of Disposal

Check the existing waste disposal methods. Walk around each department and check the disposal bin placements, labeling them, and so on.

Always ensure the waste bins are near the process that generates scraps, or they will start piling up in unwanted places.

The management team should ensure that the collected debris gets removed from the company premises on time.

Grade The Waste

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Consider grading the waste that will implement reducing, reusing, and recycling it over landfill disposal.

It will lead to recovering products used to convert waste into energy generated by burning it. After all, options are over; the leftover scraps will go into a landfill.

Monitor The Progress

Keeping track of the company’s progress in achieving its waste management goals is essential. It will help ensure strategies for budget allocation in a company and its stand towards better environmental practices.

Disposal Guide for  Bulk Wastes

Regarding disposal of wastes, everyone should follow various rules; otherwise, there will be a legal binding from law enforcement.

Different ways to dispose of are,

Give Away As A Charity

If they are safe, then donate them to charity. These items could be a piece of furniture,  cupboards, or even a filing cabinet that works well. Get in touch with an organization that will be happy to take the items away and give them to someone that needs it.

Remember that the donated items should work and always be safe to use.

Contact Professionals

Relying upon disposal companies will be an excellent way to clear bulk waste. This professional company will dispose of it lawfully without causing any harm to the environment.

Many waste disposal companies will charge only for space taken by the wastes in their disposal vehicles.

Hire A Skip For Disposal

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Hiring skip is an excellent option to clear debris from company premises. Skip means a big empty waste container that anyone can employ. These skips come in a variety of sizes.

The skip rental company will leave the skip at the predetermined place and inform them after filling. A truck will come and take away the skip.

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Inform The Local Council

Many of the local councils will have debris collection services. Book them for the collection of scraps. Ensure that the wastes given for disposal are not hazardous goods and are as per the guidelines stipulated by the council collection service.

Making Use Of The Take-Back Service

Presently many retailers provide take-back service to their customers.

They will dispose of the old waste from the premises, provided the customer buys a new product from their shop. Always check with the retailer about this service when buying any items, whether it be a new sofa, a cabinet, or an air conditioner for the company.

Segregate Bulk Wastes

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A company will have many different types of scraps at its disposal. Segregate it into different categories like plastic, refrigeration, building materials, etc. Then keep these items separately, ensuring smooth operation during disposal.

Train Employees

Train the employees in the company to dispose of the waste responsibly. They should be trained in proper waste management, especially how they dispose of the trash after it gets generated.

Store Garden Waste

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Many companies maintain extensive gardens as a prestige issue or like a go organic drive. These gardens generate plant cuttings, leaves, branches, and other organic debris.

Dig compost pits in the premise and dispose of these in these pits. If this is not possible, contact the local authorities and dispose of it as directed.

Generating Biogas

Environment-friendly waste, like animal waste, organic waste, and food, could be sent to generate biogas. The bio-degradation plants get converted to biogas and utilized as fuel and the leftover residue as manure.

Crushing Waste

Items like plastic bottles and cans get crushed and then sent for recycling. It helps in reducing the wear and tear of these items and also helps in reducing the space taken.


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Apart from the companies, the respective governments should partner with waste disposal companies to separate and recycle organic wastes that will produce quality compost, which will be environmentally friendly to the plants and mother earth.

Generating bulk waste is dangerous for present and future generations. The government should teach the public to reduce, recycle and reuse trash instead of leaving it as left over.

Companies should make waste disposal their priority. Involving respective governments will speed up the process. Working together to achieve it will help the environment a lot.