How To Connect Samsung Tablet To TV

Samsung is one of the oldest companies in the technology industry, opening its doors for the first time back in 1938. The brand has been valued at $45.5 billion. There are several factors that make the brand stand out, including the fact that they spend around $14 billion each year to research and develop innovative … Read more

Micro mechanic review

Running into a problem with your car can make commuting a challenge. When your car gives you problems, but you are unable to identify the reason, it becomes even more frustrating. Fortunately, technology is always evolving and now allows the average consumer to easily check for engine troubles. This is where the Micro Mechanic system … Read more

How To Restart Fitbit Versa

Fitbit is currently one of the leading brands in the wearable market. One statistical report lists Fitbit as the second biggest leader in the smartwatch industry. While there are multiple models to choose from, the Fitbit Versa remains a popular option. This particular model comes in different versions, allowing you to find something that fits … Read more

TOZO Earbuds Review – Finally, an Excellent Pair of Earbuds at an Affordable Price

Have you always yearned for a pair of Airpods?  Do you look at them longingly and wish you had the money to afford them?  Unfortunately, while Apple’s Airpods are durable, functional, and sleek-looking, they are pricey.  However, TOZO, an excellent, budget-friendly earbud supplier, is changing the pace a bit and giving Apple some friendly or … Read more

OBD I Vs OBD II: What Is The Difference?

Thanks to advancing technologies, diagnosing problems with vehicles are becoming easier than ever before. The entire scope for performing diagnostics significantly changed in 1996, thanks to the introduction of OBD II. This interface is still being used as a way to diagnose common engine error codes, and manufacturers are consistently exploring new ways to decode … Read more