Pansus Ditantang Bongkar Living Plaza

Living Plaza Informa

Panitia Khusus (Pansus) Pencarian Fasilitas Umum (Fasum) dan Fasilitas Sosial (Fasos) Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah (DPRD) Makassar, ditantang untuk membongkar bangunan Living Plaza Informa di Jalan AP Pettarani, seperti yang telah dilakukan pansus terhadap bangunan Rumah Sakit(RS) Paramount Hospital. Hal itu dikatakan bos RS Paramount Hospital, Yenni saat pansus melakukan pembongkaran in out atau roling … Read more

Raheem Sterling Next Club Odds

Any questions surrounding Raheem Sterling were emphatically answered at Euro 2024 as the forward played a critical role in England’s run to the final. Sterling scored three goals for Gareth Southgate’s team, all of which were the first three goals his country scored in the tournament from their opening four matches and started all seven … Read more

Kesbangpol Makassar Gelar Pertemuan dengan Pemuka Agama, TNI, dan Polri

Kesbangpol Makassar Gelar Pertemuan dengan Pemuka Agama

RADAR, MAKASSAR – Pemerintah Kota Makassar melalui Kepala Badan Kesatuan Bangsa dan Politik (Kesbangpol) merespon cepat atas kejadian diduga bom bunuh diri di depan Gereja Katedral Makassar, Minggu (28/3). Kesbangpol Makassar menggelar pertemuan dengan seluruh tokoh umat beragama, pihak kepolisian dan TNI. Plt Kepala Kesatuan Bangsa dan Politik (Kesbangpol) Kota Makassar, Akhmad Namsum mengatakan, pihaknya langsung … Read more

Virgil Van Dijk Wife – Rike Nooitgedagt


The life of footballers goes beyond the football pitch as many are married or in a relationship and they have something to fall back on when they leave the pitch. This is almost the same for all players and Liverpool defender, Virgil Van Dijk is not an exception. The Dutch international has been successful on … Read more

Kevin De Bruyne Wife – Michele Lacroix


The life of football stars off the football pitch is often not too known to many people as the players try as much as possible to make their private life a secret. Kevin De Bruyne is one player that wishes his private life was as secretive as many others but this is not possible for … Read more

Chris Smalling Girlfriend – Model Sam Cooke


Chris Smalling might not be one of the biggest names in football, but he will definitely rank high amongst his pairs when it comes to footballers that married superstar models. The Roma loanee is married to the popular Manchester model Sam Cooke. It will be interesting to look into who Model Sam Cooke is and … Read more

Jordi Alba Girlfriend- Romarey Ventura


Barcelona and Spain left-back, Jordi Alba is one of the finest left-back in the world and has been a very dependable defender since he moved from Valencia back to Barcelona. The defender has however kept a low profile amongst his colleague but going out with a model means he will be in the news more … Read more